Good Parenting

Topics: Developmental psychology, Sociology, Personality psychology Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: November 29, 2008
Good Parenting
Good parenting is imperative to the individual child and to society as a whole. A very well known saying is “it takes a village to raise a child”. Though food, clothing and shelter are essential, there are many other things that children need to grow. Children need to interact socially; having other people involved in a child’s life is essential. Another important thing to include in a child’s life is values. A child must learn from a young age what is right and what is wrong.

Children who don’t have social interactions at a young age are often closed off to others as an adult or teen. Many don’t know how to speak or interact with others so they are scared and awkward in public settings. Children who grow up surrounded by people who care for them are more likely to be well adjusted. This is also how children develop their own personalities.

Values are defined as the accepted principles or standards of a person or a group. Normally children grow up learning and following their parent’s values; as they get older they make a choice on what they believe and what they do not. Without values one can not tell what’s right and what’s wrong for themselves. Values also help shape who one is individually. A person’s beliefs help to shape them into the person they are.

A good parent teaches their child and helps them to grow. Through friends and family and the values surrounding them as they grow, they develop who they will be as a person. Good parenting is important to society because the child that is raised today is tomorrow’s future. Every person affects what society will be like. After being taught good values and the know how to interact with others most children will grow up to be a positive person who is well adjusted.
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