my cool trip around the world

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My trip around the world
Toronto to Chicago: taking an airplane
Cost of airplane: 200 dollars
Chicago, U.S.A (41.52’ N/ 87.37’ W)
Staying at: family friends house – staying for 6 days
Event : Chicago Cubs game $45 per ticket row 18
The rest of the time I’m in Chicago I will be travelling looking at the scenery and having a good time with my family friends. After I will be going to a Chicago Cub’s game and just enjoying my time in Chicago for 6 days. Travel distance from: Chicago U.S.A to New York U.S.A: 1146 km Method of travel: airplane

Cost of airplane: 600 dollars

New York, U.S.A (40.42’ N/ 74.0’ W)
Staying at: relatives house - staying for 8 days
I chose to visit New York City because I have relatives living there that I never saw I my life. They invited me and my family a couple times, but we couldn’t make it. So finally I decided to meet them all in person. I’d love that a lot! Also I heard New York has the best Broadway shows in the world and I wanted to see it in person rather than on videos. I got a ticket and I’m going to watch this amazing production. Lastly I chose to visit New York because I wanted to see very famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. I wanted to see how they look like and where they stand. That’s why I chose the exciting city of New York. Event: 1 Broadway ticket to Lion King 119 dollars.

The rest of the time I’m in New York I will be visiting my loving family and getting to know them better. Also I’ll be heading to my Broadway show and having the best time ever!!! Lastly I will be shopping for beach clothes for my next hot location.

Travel distance from: New York U.S.A to Miami Florida: 1758 km Method of travel: private yacht
Cost of private yacht: 800 dollars
Miami, Florida (25.47’ N/ 80.13 W)
Hotel: Casa Mo Derna Miami – 400 dollars per night- staying for 2 weeks I chose to visit Miami because I want to see my favourite NBA basketball team the Miami Heat. I always watch their games on TV and once I would want to see them live in person. That would be so cool! Also I heard that Miami has the best outlet malls and everything there is very cheap. I need some clothes and everything there is nice but very affordable. Lastly Miami has one of the cleanest and most inviting beaches in the world. I’ll be spending half my time there and just enjoying the nice hot weather. These beaches are tourist attractions throughout the world. Event: Miami Heat basketball game 160 dollars row 8

The rest of the time I’m in Miami Florida I will be lying on the beaches getting a tan from the cold Canadian winters. Also I will be watching my favourite basketball team live. Lastly will be shopping from really great and very cheap outlet malls in the world. There one of the best in the world. Travel distance from: Miami Florida to Peninsula De Osa Costa Rica: 1807.5 km Method of travel: private yacht

Cost of private yacht: from Miami Florida to Peninsula De Osa Costa Rica 1500 dollars

Peninsula Costa Rica (8.33’ N/ 83.30 W
Hotel: Enconta La Vida Rain Forest Resort – 120 dollars per day- staying for 15 days I chose to visit Peninsula De Osa because the resort I’m going to is very nice and luxurious. It has a 5 star rating and I will have the greatest time ever. I heard it is one of the best resorts in Costa Rica! The ocean there is so clean you can spend your whole day there. Also Costa Rica has very cool volcanoes and you can take a tour around them and you can look at the beautiful view. These volcanoes are real. The view of the mountains and the flowers (etc) can make you stand there and stare all day long. I never had been to a real volcano so this will be my first time. Lastly Costa Rica has their own coffee plantations and I want to visit them to taste natural ground coffee. My parents let me smell coffee which is processed and I tasted it a couple times. There I will see where coffee is grown and how they make it. I will taste their own country’s...
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