A Place I Would Like to Visit

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When people ask me about the place i always wanted to go, i will simply say 'Paris'. Then they will ask me again, why 'Paris' ? Why 'Paris' ? That is the question and i don't know why and how to answer it . Maybe they will never understand it but someday i will tell them 'why'. For now, let me keep this as my own special request to God, so that one day it will come true .

Paris, France is the place where fashion, culture and music are fabricated together and of course where 'love' will live forever . Paris usually known as 'the city of love' and why they call it so, i just don't have any idea. Some people also say that, Paris is the city of light, probably because it has an amazing scenery during the night .

There is a place in Paris where i always dream of going . Have you ever heard about the 'Eiffel Tower' ? Yes, it is the place where my heart belongs . For me, it is the most wonderful place in earth . People always ask me, 'why do you want to go there ? It is just a tower and there is nothing more than that ' . I know they will always say a thing like that but for me it is more than that . We actually can have a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower . I can imagine how does it feel to be on top of it, just like a dream come true .

Travel around the world, i will never forget to bring my Nikon camera with me . As i really love photography, i will be the photographer and taking pictures along my journey . It is been my dream to have my own picture, stand in-front of the Eiffel Tower . I also heard that it is the perfect place for a marriage couple to go for honeymoon .

Beside that, there is a place in Paris known as Canal St. Martin . It is actually a river in the middle of the city. It has an amazing scenery during the day and night . Then, we can ride a boat along it . It would be so wonderful to enjoy . Not only that, there is a bridge along the river where it is a romantic place to propose .

Then i also wanted

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