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Melbourne and Sydney—Two Similar Cities The top ten world’s most livable cities of 2011 reported that four cities are from Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide at 1st, 6th, 8th and 9th positions, respectively. It is said that they are chosen because of their ranking on an reputable yearly survey of "living conditions" ("World's Most Livable Cities," par.1). Thus, what do the livable cities look like? This essay will take Melbourne and Sydney as examples and compare...

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Sydney Tourism

tourism industry. We take Sydney as an actual case to analyze the management, marketing and interrelationship between industry and destination. The tourism industry brings an array of benefits and in part the 6.8 million people of New South Wales depend on it. Tourism provides jobs and generates tax revenues that fund government programs and services, contributing to the State’s quality of life. It creates and uses facilities that benefit residents across New South Wales. Sydney as one of the most popular...

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sydney symphony orchestra

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Established in 1932, The Sydney Symphony Ochestra (SSO) is a full ninety-member Orchestra based in Sydney. The SSO have enjoyed good profitability in recent years through both strong government support and high concert attendance. However, the music industry they operate in has a constantly changing external environment making future profitability a frequently asked question. This essay seeks to predict the future profitability of SSO within this competitive environment...

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Impacts of Urban Renewal on Pyrmont, Sydney.

Renewal on Pyrmont, Sydney. Urban Renewal- The redevelopment of an urban area. INTRO Since 1992, the 100-hectare peninsula of Pyrmont-Ultimo has been the subject of major master-planning, intensive infrastructure and property development that is expected to result in the residential population increasing from 3,000 originally to 20,000 by 2021. The Ultimo-Pyrmont re-development is part of a government-led Urban renewal program (now administered by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority-...

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Globalisation: Friend or Foe

magnets for new streams of global labor migration. The Asia-Pacific Rim has been one of the primary sources of these new flows of international migration into Sydney (Fagan, 2000, pg. 144). The aim of this essay is to gauge the impact of the said globalisations on the various landscapes of Sydney, as globalisation has effected different areas of Sydney in different ways. The principle areas discussed in this paper are Leichardt, Chinatown, Cabramatta, Darling Harbour, the CBD and Pyrmont. The impacts of...

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Sydney Opera House

the orchestra pit is tiny and can be hard to hear, especially for performers on stage. Stage designer Brian Thomson told Time Out magazine recently it was time to scrap the whole thing and build a new theatre into the sandstone wall across from the Sydney Opera House's stairs. So, you're not the first - but you could be the most sour-grapey. We, as a city, are sorry you had to read our reviews of your 2011 'opera play' The Giacomo Variations, but I am not sure we agree with your assessment that...

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Certified Painters Announce Launch Of New Website

PressReleasePing Certified Painters Announce Launch Of New Website Australian based Certified Painters are pleased to announce the launch of their new website to help home and commercial building owners find a local painting contractor to meet their needs. Sydney NSW, Australia, September 04, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Certified Painters announced today the launch of their new website www.certifiedpainters.net to give home and commercial building owners the ‘go to’ website to find recommended painting and decorating...

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New Website Launch of Australian Based Wise Group Solutions

Wise Group Solutions has launched a new website to showcase their comprehensive range of security services. They are a leading electronic security and commercial outsourcing company which specialises in delivering an innovative range of services. Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 19, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ -Wise Group Solutions has just launched a new website to showcase their comprehensive range of security services. They are a leading electronic security and commercial outsourcing company which ...

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To What Extent Has Your Study of Australian Poetry Challenged Your Understanding of Australian Identity?

types of people, by decoding their thoughts and opinions through their works of poetry. The poem “Ungrateful Mirant” by Ouyang Yu challenged my understanding of Australia being a welcoming country. Ouyang Yu is of Chinese descent, who moved to Sydney in 1991. The poem “Ungrateful Migrant” is about how Yu perceives what Australia is, with the identity of a migrant with peculiar culture and background in the context of complaining to the country directly, by addressing Australia as “you”. Yu perceives...

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Peter Carey

30 Days in Sydney by Peter Carey Analysis by Rose Fuggle The creative non-fiction piece ‘30 Days in Sydney’ written by Peter Carey is an interesting insight to an expatriates experience of coming back to Sydney for a 30 day holiday. This piece was written in an almost journal like sense, with the intentions of giving readers an account on Sydney and its history. The work is written to show the carefree city of Sydney which he is fond of, however also to show the reader how Sydney is a place of contrast...

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