Music Appreciation Test

Topics: Minor scale, Key signature, Relative key Pages: 3 (373 words) Published: January 20, 2015

2.5.3 Test (TS): Music of the Primitive and Ancient World

Music Appreciation Sem 1 (S2524526)
Maria Jose De La Torre

Points possible: 25
Date: ____________

Answer the following questions thoroughly.

1. List five aerophones and explain why they are aerophones. (5 points) a. Flute
b. Clarinet
c. Bagpipes
d. Saxophone
e. Trumpet
Any musical instrument that produces sound in effect of causing the body to vibrate through air.

2. Describe the acoustical experiments of Pythagoras and what the results of those experiments were. (5 points)
Pythagoras made an experiment with strings by putting strings of the same length to the same tension and listening to the different sounds depending on where the strings would be divided. Pythagoras then proved that math and musical harmony are intertwined by describing the different results into intervals.

3. What was the importance of brass instruments to the Roman Army? Which instruments did they use? How did they use them? How are brass instruments still used in the military today? (5 points)

Brass instruments were used by Romans to communicate orders to troop battles. They used the cornu or the Roman tuba, and they were carried by musical military men. Instruments are used today in the military band.

4. Write the name of the major scale pictured below. Then, write the name of the relative minor of the major scale pictured. On the blank staff, draw the natural form of this relative minor scale. (5 points)

Major Scale: G
Relative Minor: e minor

5. Draw the Circle of Fifths in the space below. Below your drawing, write an explanation of the relationship between the different keys around the circle. (5 points)

Key of C is at the top with no flats or sharps. The circle goes around showing the ones most similar next to one another. On the right adds fifths, on the left goes down a fifth.

Circle of Fifths Explanation:
The circle of...
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