Pre Algebra Final Exam 1

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1. Elsie is making a quilt using quilt blocks like the one in the diagram.

a. How many lines of symmetry are there? Type your answer below.

There are 4 line of symmetry.

b. Does the quilt square have rotational symmetry? If so, what is the angle of rotation? Type your answers below.

The quilt square have rotational symmetry of 90.

2. Solve by simulating the problem. You have a 5-question multiple-choice test. Each question has four choices. You don’t know any of the answers. What is the experimental probability that you will guess exactly three out of five questions correctly? Type your answer below using complete sentences.


3. Use the diagram below to answer the following questions. Type your answers below each question. a. Name three points.
C, D, F

b. Name four different segments.


c. Write two other names for.


d. Name three different rays.


4. Charlie is at a small airfield watching for the approach of a small plane with engine trouble. He sees the plane at an angle of elevation of 32. At the same time, the pilot radios Charlie and reports the plane’s altitude is 1,700 feet. Charlie’s eyes are 5.2 feet from the ground. Draw a sketch of this situation (you do not need to submit the sketch). Find the ground distance from Charlie to the plane. Type your answer below. Explain your work.

tan(x) = opposite over adjacent tan(32) = (1,700 - 5.2) / x tan(32) = 1,694.8 x = 1,694.8/ (tan(32)) x = 2712.25 feet

__C___ 5. Jason and Kyle both choose a number from 1 to 10 at random. What is the probability that both numbers are odd? Type your answer in the blank to the left.





6. Identify the number as rational or irrational. Explain. Type your answers below.


127 is identify as irrational number. Irrational; it is the square root of a

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