Music Appreciation Worksheet: Comparing Performers

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Music Log
Performer Comparison – Music Appreciation
Day 1: Performer Comparison
Part of being an informed listener is knowing which performers you prefer, as well as what characteristics you find appealing in a performer. These vary from listener to listener, so it is important to develop your own preferences. For this Listening Log, find two recordings of the same piece by two different performers. Listen to each piece at least twice. Then, answer the questions below. Hint: Solo piano is a good place to start. Since no other instruments are competing with the piano, the choices the performer makes are easier to recognize than in an ensemble piece.

Title: voodoo child
Composer: Jimi Hendrix
Performer(s):Jimi Hendrix /various of other artist.

1. What was the first difference you noticed between the two pieces? What else was different? Jimi Hendrix hits the notes correctly, the other artist didn’t they just song the song but not as good 2. What stayed the same from the first recording to the next? What else do they have in common? The LYRICS! That’s one thing that couldn’t be modified

3. Which recording did you prefer? Why?
I prefer Jimi Hendrix because it’s the original version, it has more feeling in it because it meant something to him. The original will always be the original its simple Day 2: Performer Comparison

Now that you are familiar with two performances of the same piece, let’s take a more specific look at what makes them different and unique. Identifying and appreciating the personal style of a performer makes listening to music a richer, more rewarding experience. Listen to both performances again, then thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions below. Don’t worry about whether your answers are “correct”. The important part is that you follow your intuition and respond according to your impression of the music.

1. Which performer plays the piece at a faster tempo (speed)? How does tempo change the overall effect of the piece? The newer version has a faster tempo because they are not hitting notes all the way through. 2. Does one player tend to speed up and slow down during the piece more than the other? What effect does this have on the performance? Yes the newer, Jimi took his time while singing the song it was never fast speed 3. Listen to both players’ dynamic ranges. In other words, just how loud are the loud parts, and how soft are the soft parts? Do both players do a good job of creating contrast between loud and soft? Jimi parts were waaaaay louder , he just had a certain type of feeling when it came to his music very hard never soft voice Day 3: Independent Music Project

Title of Project: ____________________Music or naw _____________________________________

Your project presentation is rapidly approaching! In addition to answering the following questions, be sure to print out at least three audience review forms (found below), which you will submit with your final Listening Log and Independent Project next week. Be sure to fill out your name, audience member’s name and date before giving the review form to audience members. You must turn in all project materials (finale score, written essays or papers, lyrics, recorded music, PowerPoint’s, any other presentation materials you have created) with your audience review forms next week.

How will you present your project next week? What venue will you use? Who will be your audience? I will do it in a powerpoint , my family will be my audience

What are the biggest challenges you will face before and during your presentation? For instance, do you have stage fright? Are you worried about the technology working properly? How will you work to overcome these challenges?

Yes im worried abuout all of that I might freeze up

What are you most looking forward to when presenting your project? How do you think your audience will react? I don’t think they will like it , what if I did a...
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