Muet Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Topics: Nutrition, Meat, Plant Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: June 21, 2013
There are a lot of silly myths and jokes about being a vegetarian. One of it started like this, there’s a girl who is a vegetarian and one day when she and her friends passed by a tree, they asked her “hey! Here’s a tree looking good! Do you want to eat it? Or you need some salt and pepper as flavoring?” This is actually a common joke among vegetarian and this has become a trend among peoples nowadays. In my opinion, I believe that being a vegetarian bring a lot of benefits like benefits to our world, our health and also to prevent animal cruelty. Being a vegetarian brings benefits to the world because raising farm animals is actually a wasteful of resources. There will be a lot of forest being cleared for farmer to raise animals and plants are planted as foods for animals instead for humans. In addition, more plants needed to support the food storage for both animals and humans. This is such a waste as there are a lot of children who are still starving across the world but foods are only planted for animals. Moreover, cattle and sheep produce a large quantity if methane gases that can caused greenhouse effect and then lead to global warming. Hence by being a vegetarian, we can actually decrease all these or even stop all these and lead to a better earth. Do you know that being a vegetarian has a lot of benefits to our health? A vegetarian have lower rate of heart disease and also some type of cancers. This is because vegetarian consume a large quantity of vegetable and fruits which is more low calories than a meat eater. Besides, humans could not digest meat properly and isn’t a natural meat eater. Humans also can’t digest fats in animals completely. Moreover there is too many bacterial inside the meat we consume and if we consume too much, we may have colon cancer or kidney failure. Quite a numbered of people thought that vegetarian does not have a balanced diet as they did not consume meat but in fact a planned vegetarian diet are more nutrition and have more...
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