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Assignment 1: Does Modernization of a Less Developed Country Using Western Ideals Work

Sociology 300

Modernization theory refers to bringing a traditional country up to the same development as a more developed country. Modernization affects the development of a Third World Country by helping them become self-sufficient economically, politically and socially. One of the issues with Third World Countries is their education. Not everyone has access to an education and basic things such as being able to read and write are luxuries. Education is something that the wealthy have access to in these underdeveloped countries. "Third World poverty tends to correlate with poor social conditions such as high infant mortality and low literacy rates, which in turn narrow opportunities for human development in other areas (Handelman, 2011)." An educated workforce affects many areas of development. It contributes to higher labor productivity, by producing laborers that can read instruction manuals to trained professionals; it also expands mass political participation, and contributes to greater government accountability to the governed (Handelman, 2011).

Howard Handelman states that cultural bias is one of the major criticisms of modernization theory. It suggests that the Western more industrialized world is the source good values, and attitudes. The girls in the group believe that the Western culture is better than their own, but they also struggle with being accepted in their own society. This is evidenced by the fact that they show up to performances dressed in culturally acceptable attire, and then change into what is considered Western clothing.

Democracy in Myanmar does not seem to be important to all of the citizens. Democracy seemed very important to the girls, but not the whole citizenry. The majority of the citizens still abide by the rules that are in place in terms of dress and what is considered acceptable...

References: Handelman, Howard (2011). The Challenge Of Third World Development. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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