Mkt 571 Communications Plan

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Communications Plan
March 21, 2011

Communications Plan
The importance of developing an integrated marketing communications plan has become even more important in the modern era. With so many different touch points, or ways that a prospect can experience a company's message or advertisement, it is important that the message be clear and consistent (Business Training Schools, 2011). Developing the proper lines of communication, especially with a new product is vital to a company. In this paper Team C will evaluate factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan. We will also discuss advertising and promotion programs. Technology trends available to help market the product is expressed as well. To sum it up we will compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies for both domestic and international markets. Developing and Managing an Effective Marketing Communications Plan Customers are the main focus when developing and managing an effective communications plan for any product. The current generation and future generations of customers demand products at a rapid and above reasonable pace. Even if marketers wanted to overlook it, the success of the company is driven by the satisfaction of the customers. Today, marketing communications are increasingly seen as an interactive dialogue between the company and its customers. Companies are concerned with how they can reach the customers and how to receive feedback from the customers. Direct marketing is one of the fastest-growing avenues for serving customers. More businesses have turned to direct mail and telemarketing in response to the high and increasing costs of reaching business markets through a sales force (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Studies have shown that direct marketing is one of the fastest ways to increase sales. Kudler Fine Foods will use direct marketing as one of their primary communications sources when promoting and...

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