Marketing Industry in Egypt

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Marketing Industry in Egypt

This report aims at giving a brief picture about the “Marketing” Industry in Egypt, the different practices used by the companies, and the changes that are happening in the industry throughout time; with a special focus on the IT marketing. First an overview of “marketing” in general will be given to introduce the basic concepts, various types of marketing tools and channels that are commonly used, and the different agencies working in the marketing fields starting form specific agencies such as marketing research agencies to a more comprehensive agencies which can conduct a marketing plan and its implementation from A to Z. The report will then focus on the trends in Egypt, who things are done, and the factors affecting the marketing industry whether from the side of the production-and servicecompanies or the side of the customer; And the misperceptions believed by either A glimpse will be given about the evolution if the IT industry in Egypt and the consequent changes in the Marketing structure related to this field.

Headlines:   Introduction What is Marketing and why is it important o A marketing Background o Evolution o Why is Marketing Important Different Marketing tools Egypt o Types of Marketing related agencies o Recent trends (e-marketing) o IT industry Conclusion

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In the challenging & dynamic market place, the marketing becomes an important industry that influences the business in general as it is integrated with most of the other industries. This industry unlike most industries doesn’t have a clear cut formula for things to be done, it doesn’t have strict guidelines to follow; It requires a lot of innovation, imagination, sometimes unorthodox ways to handle things, in addition to a sound knowledge of the intended customers. However it still has some basic concepts and courses of action for all marketers and marketing related agencies to know and build on. The knowledge of the basic terms used and their meanings in addition to how perception of the people changed over time and the structure of the industry in the country in question (Egypt) is crucial to know. Being related to the IT industry we have to highlight that in the past couple of years there has been a lot of changes in the e-commerce, the social networking and the IT business in general which requires all the related firms whether they are directly manufacturing or servicing this market has to coupe and respond to these changes in rapid yet smart way.

What is Marketing and why is it important?

Marketing background
Marketing in brief (according to the American marketing Association) is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Every company has to have its marketing strategy in which acts as a guide for all marketing related decisions of the company and includes a marketing plan for the near and far future barring into consideration all factors affecting the business and allowing some room for any unexpected events. Once the strategy has been developed the marketing process is implemented through the marketing mix or the “4p’s” which are:  Product: in particular the quality, styling and variety of the firm's established products, and its ability to provide buyers with new products over time

Price: the prices charged for the firm's products For most products, pricing decisions cannot be made in isolation, the firm has to consider all aspects of the marketing mix, prices of the firm's related products, competitors’ prices, product cost, demand, price elasticity and the firm's pricing objectives. Promotion: the means used by the firm to promote its products, including advertising, promotion, Public Relations. Promotional and marketing tools will be discussed later on in this report Place: the place and means...

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