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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) also referred to as “The New Marketing Communications Paradigm”, which is an emerging concept in the business world today. It 's important to recognize that most companies do not utilize these tools effectively. They certainly don 't use all the tools in an integrated fashion to maximize synergy. This is of course what IMC is all about, using the best possible mixture of the tools in an integrated fashion where the synergistic effects of the chosen mix are far greater than any of the tools used "stand alone", consequently delivering promotional messages with more intensity and/or more cost-efficient.

According to Schultz, Tannenbaum, and Lauterborn who introduced the new concept in 1993 called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) they define IMC as “a concept of marketing communication planning that recognizes the added value of the comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a verity of communication disciplines (for example, general advertising, direct response, sales promotion, and public relations)…and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact.” IMC is today widely acknowledged as the key to superior brand communication.

Although Integrated Marketing Communications requires a lot of effort it delivers many benefits. It can create competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress.

IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process. The organization simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and nurtures its relationship with customers.

This “Relationship Marketing” cements a bond of loyalty with customers which can protect them from the inevitable onslaught of competition. The ability to keep a customer for life is a powerful competitive advantage.

IMC also increases profits

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