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Task 1: Introduction
The relationship and attachments with the consumers is ably affected by the way and manner the marketing communications dealt with by the firms and considered as a fitting and pursuing concept which lost long for many years steadily (Low, 2008). Consumers are from different walks of life and will have to be attended according to their culture both emotionally and practice wise in order to win over them and retain their patronage.
The importance of effective marketing communication which is the deciding factor for the cordial association with the consumers which is the most sought after concept by any and every firm. The popular brand name rooted into the minds of the consumers will be reinforced by the appealing and effective canvassing and communication strongly.
Latest and novel methods of communication and canvassing is the need of the hour than by the time old traditional and prototype practice of approach and communication style is to be replaced immediately to attract the consumers with different attitudes, habits and mind set.
Effective Communication is the deciding factor of the interaction between the consumers and the establishments without which the chain of consumer band could not be developed. And ever remains as an indispensible tool in the marketing arena (Scammon and Mayer, 1995). Various formats of communications are being attempted in the modern times such as personal canvassing, advertising through media, television, e mail and in the web sites to attract the attention of all sorts of consumers both existing and the prospective.
The effective marketing communication is evaluated by all sorts of persons such as the external stakeholder who include the consumers and the commercial who propagates about the product. The internal stake holders are the employees and management team who also speak for the products of the establishment.
Main reasons for selecting the proper Advertising agency
The reason and purpose of advertising is to present the message about the product and the goodness of the same and how it is going to help and serve the consumers at a reasonable cost in the required time with quality and with the specifications they desire (Scammon and Mayer, 1995). The message to be seen heard and felt by the consumers of all walks of life and takes decision to go for the product. The formats employed for advertising are radio, television, news bulletins, e mails, websites, handbills, posters, banners oral canvassing and so on. The agency which is capable of availing all these avenues in a fitting and profitable manner and has gained experience in this line will have to be entrusted for giving the required publicity for the product and service in a proper manner and regular phase. Finding an advertising agency
The advertising agency is a commercial company engaged in publicising the messages about the products or service of its clients through all available channels widely and effectively so that the public could know about the product/service and decide about the same and make up their mind to go for the product/service. The success depends on the way and means how the advertising agency publicises the message in a fitting manner.
The advertising agencies could be found through the trade associations/councils, yellow pages, trade journals, publications, or even by the business contacts by examining their track record and achievements in the advertising arena.
List of factors for choosing an advertising agency
The role played by the advertising agency is remarkable and the impact is to be felt by the results yielded by the client establishment who have entrusted the ad campaign to the agency. The following points to be observed and taken note of while entrusting the ad campaign to an advertising agency:
i. Initially a team of managers to be convened to select the ad agency by examining their records of achievement. ii. The team to compile a list of eligible advertising agencies by considering and examining the following particulars:
Size—please determine the wholesome size of your firm in accordance with the financial allocation, work force (Low, 2008), customer pattern, spending strength etc and accordingly allot the budget for advertisement.
Reputation— Examine the track record of the advertisement agency and the success stories of them.
Credit rating—The money allocation status of the advertising agency since many such agencies do not pay to their associates and suppliers of tools and gadgets who help them in developing the advertisement pattern even though they have already collected the fees in full from the clients.
Current accounts—The credibility of the advertising agencies since few of them would cross and leak out the strategy to the competitors in some cases. iii. When the decision is taken about an advertising agency give them a specimen order. Check out whether they are capable of executing the total advertising program in comparison to other counterparts. If satisfied then the agency may be entrusted with the task. iv. Follow up the media program being executed by the advertising agency and check out whether it is in lines with the program accepted and tend to yield responses to your firm.
v. Have a watch over the activities of the associates and suppliers of the advertisement agency and the mutual agreement within them so as to have a smooth flow of the advertisement program. vi. See that the committee set up by your firm to keep a close watch so that no any untoward happenings at any stage which will hamper the progress. vii. Be in touch with the other advertising agencies also since no one can predict what will happen next and a situation may arise to contact and switch to them also at one point of time. Nevertheless a friendly contact is always welcome.
List of advertising regulatory bodies

Steel Limited
Provide a variety of creative digital solutions for brands to communicate with their existing and prospective audience.

Digital Advertising Agency Capricorn Digital
Intelligent online advertising from the concept and design to campaign execution and the management.

Advertising Agency Media Junction
Leaders in youth and entertainment marketing and advertising, including all sorts of Digital and Traditional media

Media Junction promotion method:
The success of an advertising program is all because of the proper plan well executed. Apart from the best gadgets and devices the communication pattern and the way of presentation counts and decides the success ratio and pattern of the campaign and how it is received by the target audience. However the outdated modes are still in practice by us which is common and periodically to be given away.
We encompass the media as whole without missing any single unit such as the National Press, Regional Press, Consumer & Business Press, Outdoor, Radio, TV, Digital & Experiential; Each and every single unit is important and nothing to be ignored (Low, 2008). Effective communication about the product/service by way of message is a challenging task and to be executed with heart and soul into it with suitable ideas and wordings to mix with the campaign effectively.
By presenting timely effective and most suited advertising campaign, the service is justifiable, true to its nature, and will yield the responses as desired by the client establishment thereby fulfilling the objectives of the total concept of advertising campaign and benefit to the establishment in fine.
Task 2: The Role and Importance of Advertising
George Felton, author of "Advertising says that the main principle of advertising is to proclaim to the public you have to say something interesting and useful to them: Concept and Copy." The advertised product/service could be anything a sort of goods/event/new invention/novel idea etc., It can be by any format either newspaper, television, notice board, hand bill, poster, e mail, personal canvassing and so on.etc., depicting the message along with the availability prospects such as date/time/place and price.
The major portion of the advertisement to be allocated to the best media and the remaining portion to be entrusted to the other agencies (Jones, 1999). The goals could be set short term and long term goals keeping the main target to be achieved such as the attention, recognition, identification, more consumers. more sales, more profit and market leadership finally.
One example of the Global brand’s illustration supported by effective advertising campaign:
Coca-Cola’s marketing plan and strategies proved to be a grand success all over the world. The popular and sweet slogans and jingles have been well received by the youngsters mostly and even the entire public around the world. Few of the popular and catchy advertisement slogans are given below:
Advertising slogans were noted below. In addition to this few songs were also launched: “Drink Coca-Cola”, “Things go better with Coke”, “It’s the real thing”, “Life tastes good”, “Good ‘til the last drop”, “Always Coca-Cola”, and “Enjoy.” Suggested methods to work with the advertising agency
In order to get the best results by way of an advertising campaign, one should understand the manner by which the agencies function and how to interact with them.
One must realise the role of the client establishment and that of the agency and interact with each other in the best interests of both of them particularly the client establishment who shells out money and resources to publicise their message through the advertisement.
Creative aspect to work with the advertising agency
Creatives are the associates in the advertisement campaign such as the photographers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Production Artists etc.; the so called Creatives are very much responsible for assisting in planning, conceiving and designing the advertising campaigns. There is no end for thinking and planning innovative piece of works (Boulding, et al., 1994). As such the front line Creative always keep conceiving fresh and better pieces of works pertaining to the campaign. The time is very much valuable for the creatives and the proper use of their ideas will give a boost to the image of the client establishment.
Three creative approaches with the advertising agency
Several creative approaches do exist towards initiating highly successful advertising campaigns. For instance, each and every establishment could make the best use of the e mail texts, print media, besides the old radio and television to put forth their message effectively.
The latest mode of advertising which is fastly developing as a successful media is the Creative social media marketing. Adding to this there is provision to tag one’s photo and join question and answer session. The concept paves way for very active and lively audience participation which remains as the most sought after event. Likewise many more new and novel concepts would be launched in order to initiate a thrilling and popular campaign.
Broadcast advertising
The advertisements and messages broadcast and telecast through the radio and television were the popular and only better modes of advertising since they were the only medias that have been patronized by the whole population and remained as the only time passing mode till recently before the advent of computers and the Internet.
Print Advertising
Each and every piece of note or message published in paper such as news paper, journal, booklet, etc. (Boulding, et al., 1994), were considered as a portable print media and mentioned under the nomenclature of the print advertising.
Cell phone and mobile advertising
The latest and popular mode of advertising, are through the mobile phones, smart phones, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, and many more other portable electronic gadgets connected with the Internet. The latest additions are Twitter and Facebook.
Primary advertising techniques
An interesting and meaningful advertisement definitely creates an impact in the minds of the people who views/hears/and reads the same and makes him to think about the message delivered and to make up his mind towards the product advertised. As such the advertisement published with a sense and interest and meaningful message is sure to hit the target and results in more consumers, more sales and more profit and the expected Return on Investment (ROI).
The consumer is being reminded again and again by the Repetition process and the message deeply gets rooted into the memory of the consumer (Boulding, et al., 1994). However there is a danger of the consumer changing the mode in the case of repeated advertisements. An advertisement publicized during a Super Bowl broadcast for a particular product named as Head On is a relevant specimen which became very popular and well remembered is a standing example of all times.
All the advertisements engaged in prompting the goodness of the product and service and the best sides of the same creates a good impact and proved to be more profitable to the client establishment. The claims through the advertisements are many a times exaggerated and un believable and mislead the consumers. The clever consumer eventually absorbs the bests and believable claims thrust by the product makers/distributors/sellers/marketing medias.
In this concept the consumer is brain washed and made to believe that all others are using this product and wooes the consumer as if he has done a mistake by not buying the product till that time. The bandwagon technique elaborately uses sentences and proverbs in superlative degree such as “The world is waiting for’ and ‘America loves’ and also several other catchy slogans and by doing so, creates scenes as if the world will fall if their product is not consumed at once and so on. The novel and affirming technique is being practiced by many of the establishments/advertising agencies/ marketing medias vying with each other in the race at large.
Task 3: Reason for BLT techniques
Yet another mode known as Below the line advertising campaign seems to reach the consumers with a rapid force and directly without any middlemen or middle agency, for instance through the Television. The data shows that this type of advertisement is well rooted into the minds of the consumer since the saying goes as ‘seeing is believing’. The big money collected by way of commissions for their service is being avoided in this type of advertising campaign and the huge amount is saved (Wells, ed., 1997). The advertisement could be telecast in the store premises itself so that the visiting consumers could view it afresh and also see the product physically and decide about the goods.
One more benefit in the above said below the line advertising is the fixed costs involved. The cost is not fluctuating or on the increase as in the case of advertising agencies where the rates keep on increasing as per the whims and fancies of the advertising agencies. The regular fixed expenditure results in big saving of funds when compared to the advertisements released through the agencies. It also saves labour, energy, and money to a great extent, much to the relief of the establishment.
The big usage of Below the Line techniques in the commercial situations
Below-the –line techniques are the best mode of campaign in a retail chain store where a variety of brands are exhibited and marketed at a single yard throwing open a world of choice for the consumers who could choose and pick up the product as per their desire and enjoy the benefits of packages and offers. For instance, the apparels brand Levi’s, the brand is marketed, duly annexed with a lot of tempting offers like discounts on purchases if the purchase is above a particular point. This kindles the consumer to do more purchasing and avail the benefits and in turn result in more sales to the store.
Yet another standing example is the Big bazaar super store in India, where many kinds of Below-the- line techniques are practiced such as discounts in the price, sales promotion on a specified brand for the prescribed time slot or for a full day in special, free gifts in proportion to the total purchase figure, delivery helps and coupons. The style is being followed by its counterparts and stores dealing with many other different products at various levels.
Task 4: The Integrated Promotional strategy
Principles and process of the Campaign Management
The main aim and intention of the initiation of a campaign in marketing is to draw the attention of the consumers towards the messages and goodness exhibited/canvassed about the product (Kotler, 1997). The properly focused campaign will yield a better response and result in more sales and more profit. The main principle being the delivering the message and the goodness of the product/service and woo the customers to try the same and get benefitted.
The words pronounced, the swords printed, the body language, the behavior and courtesy along with the spontaneous service will generate and focus a new image and take the product to a greater height and the brand name will be a household name always remembered and will tempt the buyer to go for it and use the same. Once it is found to be meeting his requirements the brand will find a permanent place in the customer’s house/office and the market for the brand is assured.
There exists a plenty of stages in the campaign management and some are listed here in below:
Initiation of the campaign: The client establishment explains the requirements of his firm by way of advertising campaign and narrates the salient factors of his product and service to the advertising executive who in turn evaluates the design and process of execution of the campaign so as to attract the consumers (Kotler, 1997). The initiation of the campaign thus mooted, discussed and the spade works begin.
Campaign Design: The mode and the blue print of the campaign is drawn by the executives of the advertising agency and a final shape of the campaign is charted out after considering various aspects and dimensions of the design of the campaign which will be most suitable to the targeted audience.
Campaign Preparation: As and when the final design and mode of the campaign is finalized, the preparations to embark the campaign are on by assembling the resources tools, gadgets and accessories required to launch the campaign suitably.
Campaign launch and Execution: The programmed and devised advertising campaign is launched at the specified time and specified scenery/place to draw the notice of the public/specified gathering/audience.
Campaign Closure: The advertising campaign is wound up at the specified time/day/ or at the time as and when the executives feel that the campaign has derived its purpose for which it has been launched.
Post campaign Follow-up: The results of the campaign (Hackley, 2005). The impact it created, and the total feedback is collected the data analyzed, any draw backs found out, improvements/alternate arrangements planned and initiated, the duration of the campaign extended in order to cope up with the aims and mission of the campaign so that the best results are harvested in return to the long exercise spending, time, energy and resources are justified. Thus the post campaign and follow up works are to be enacted as the final step of the campaign.
Appropriate techniques for an integrated and cost effective campaign
In the advertising campaign executed by M/S Dove’s “Real Beauty” brand, the steps discussed above were exactly followed and a big success achieved all because of the orderly and sincere attempts in lines with the planned campaign. Besides, they have embarked another brand named as Pro Age Products using the same stage/platform/venue and another big success to the brands in the same time thereby minimizing the expenses involved in yet another venue/time and the cost of the campaign were brought to a lesser degree saving a big amount of money, time, energy and resources as observed by Hackley (2008).
This proves that a timely decision to launch the campaign at a right time and right place will be suitably rewarded. As such, it goes without saying that the Advertising campaign is in evitable concept in any industry/service and a properly devised and executed campaign with faithful service and heartfelt approach is really a jackpot to the client establishment and mint a glorious fortune.
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