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Task 1: Introduction
The relationship and attachments with the consumers is ably affected by the way and manner the marketing communications dealt with by the firms and considered as a fitting and pursuing concept which lost long for many years steadily (Low, 2008). Consumers are from different walks of life and will have to be attended according to their culture both emotionally and practice wise in order to win over them and retain their patronage. The importance of effective marketing communication which is the deciding factor for the cordial association with the consumers which is the most sought after concept by any and every firm. The popular brand name rooted into the minds of the consumers will be reinforced by the appealing and effective canvassing and communication strongly. Latest and novel methods of communication and canvassing is the need of the hour than by the time old traditional and prototype practice of approach and communication style is to be replaced immediately to attract the consumers with different attitudes, habits and mind set. Effective Communication is the deciding factor of the interaction between the consumers and the establishments without which the chain of consumer band could not be developed. And ever remains as an indispensible tool in the marketing arena (Scammon and Mayer, 1995). Various formats of communications are being attempted in the modern times such as personal canvassing, advertising through media, television, e mail and in the web sites to attract the attention of all sorts of consumers both existing and the prospective. The effective marketing communication is evaluated by all sorts of persons such as the external stakeholder who include the consumers and the commercial who propagates about the product. The internal stake holders are the employees and management team who also speak for the products of the establishment. Main reasons for selecting the proper Advertising agency

The reason and purpose of advertising is to present the message about the product and the goodness of the same and how it is going to help and serve the consumers at a reasonable cost in the required time with quality and with the specifications they desire (Scammon and Mayer, 1995). The message to be seen heard and felt by the consumers of all walks of life and takes decision to go for the product. The formats employed for advertising are radio, television, news bulletins, e mails, websites, handbills, posters, banners oral canvassing and so on. The agency which is capable of availing all these avenues in a fitting and profitable manner and has gained experience in this line will have to be entrusted for giving the required publicity for the product and service in a proper manner and regular phase. Finding an advertising agency The advertising agency is a commercial company engaged in publicising the messages about the products or service of its clients through all available channels widely and effectively so that the public could know about the product/service and decide about the same and make up their mind to go for the product/service. The success depends on the way and means how the advertising agency publicises the message in a fitting manner. The advertising agencies could be found through the trade associations/councils, yellow pages, trade journals, publications, or even by the business contacts by examining their track record and achievements in the advertising arena. List of factors for choosing an advertising agency

The role played by the advertising agency is remarkable and the impact is to be felt by the results yielded by the client establishment who have entrusted the ad campaign to the agency. The following points to be observed and taken note of while entrusting the ad campaign to an advertising agency: i. Initially a team of managers to be convened to select the ad agency by examining their records of achievement. ii. The team to compile a list of eligible advertising...

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