Marketing Communication Plan

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Iberia’s mission is to offer air transport, airport services and aircraft maintenance services that come up to our customers’ expectations and create sustainable economic and social value. Iberia aims to be leader in customer satisfaction, innovation and economic and social performance. Iberia’s values are; focus on customers, creation of value, search for excellence in management, social commitment, importance of people, leadership, teamwork, constant improvement, adaption to change and innovation. The communication objective for the created plan is to minimize the existing gap between the perception of the brand image in Spain and the Netherlands. The focus lies solely on business people whom fly on a regular basis to Barcelona from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and vice versa. Through this two-year communication plan, Iberia aims to attract new and more business passengers. The marketing objective is to attract more business passengers, increase brand awareness and improve Iberia’s brand image in the Netherlands. Advertising, direct marketing and public relations will be used for Iberia’s marketing. The media tools that are part of the communication plan are several Dutch business magazines, online ads on social media and e-mails. Iberia’s value proposition is a reliable and punctual airline with excellent customer service at a relatively low price. All communication will be done in a professional and clear manner. The total budget for the years 2013 and 2014 is €310.364. The budget consists of advertising costs, employee costs and sponsorship costs. The main indicators for measurement of effectiveness are; sales revenue for flights between Amsterdam and Barcelona, customer surveys and the number of visitors of


As part of the Marketing Communications course at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, this Marketing Communication Plan for Iberia is written to attract potential customers in the business sector. The report is written as a practice for professional reports, for the teacher who will assess the quality, and for fellow students. Iberia is an interesting company to analyze and to write a Marketing communication plan for, since it is one of the largest major airlines in the world. This plan has the aim of attracting potential business customers travelling with Iberia between Amsterdam Schiphol airport and Barcelona El Prat airport. This plan is divided into an analysis of the company and its external environment. Furthermore, there will be a description of Iberia’s new marketing campaign as well as the marketing budget and campaign planning for the years 2013 and 2014. To conclude, the plan provides a brief description of how the marketing campaign will be controlled and evaluated.


1.1.Company Analysis5
1.2.Environmental Analysis6
Political environment6
Economic environment7
Social environment7
Technological environment7
1.3.Consumer Analysis7
Customer Segments8
Customer Needs8
Brand awareness9
1.4.Competitor Analysis9
1.5.Market Analysis13
5 Porter’s Model13
Financial prospect14
Market share14
Market developments14
2.1.Problem Definition15
2.2.Communication objectives16
Explanation mandatories20

2.1. Company Analysis

Iberia Líneas Aéreas, usually shortened to Iberia, was founded in 1927 by Horacio Echevarrieta during the dictatorship as a monopoly in the air transportation in Spain. Since that moment, it has been the largest airline of Spain and is headquartered in Madrid....

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