Mission, Vision, Value and Principle of at&a Inc.

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Running head: Mission, vision, value and principle

Mission, vision, value and principle of AT&T Inc.

Madhi S. Almadhi
September, 03, 2010
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This paper will discuss how AT&T could shape their MVVP (mission, value, vision & principle), interface it into their daily market battle and generalize these concepts into their management strategy. It will also address how they reached their level of success through following their values and expressing their mission according to their vision and setting up those items as a frontage principle in front of the public and the competitors. “To maintain our leadership in this arena, we focused on the future and aggressively pursue innovation” (AT&T IP, 2010). This paper expresses how AT&T can modify and set their products as a standard for the competition, and details the reasons that keep them involved in “social service,” and what makes them win society’s satisfaction and many rewards in the end.

Mission, vision, value and principle of AT&T Inc.
AT&T is one of the biggest wireless cell phone providers in the U.S., and it remains one of the biggest providers of information/data transfer solutions. Unlike other companies, AT&T follows long-term strategic goals by keeping the highest and the best information/data service up to date. AT&T has a bigger return on equity turnover than Verizon, while Verizon has a bigger assets ratio than AT&T’s. According to AT&T’s social responsibility report (2006), “Since 1885, we have dedicated ourselves to satisfying customers, enriching stockholders and meeting the needs of society.” AT&T’s Mission and Vision

The company’s goals consist of bringing the latest technology of data transporting to ensure their customer satisfaction. Besides serving its customers in this manner, AT&T also has a long-term vision of providing more advanced services to keep the daily business market more flexible,...

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