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  • Easter 1916

    (in 1887) the London Lodge of Theosophists. Yeats’s encounter with John O’Leary caused him to envision Ireland as the primary literary subject of his poetry‚ as well as the commitment to the cause of Irish national identity‚ as expressed in "Easter 1916." In 1889‚ he fell in love with Maud Gonne and alluded to his love in the 1899 poem‚ "The Wind among the Reeds‚" through symbolic‚ stylized‚ and expressive verse. In 1986‚ he befriended Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory. She resided in Coole Park and

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  • Easter 1916

    Easter 1916 - Poem by William Butler Yeats  In Easter 1916‚ poet begins with a criticism of the politicians both living and those who are dead in the recent revolution. Yeats was deeply moved by the heroism and the martyrdom of the rebels. He saw the whole Irish scene transformed by the tragedy of execution. The heroes of the rebellion-Pearse‚ Connolly‚ McDonough and MacBride-all became symbol of heroic martyrdom. I have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among

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  • Easter 1916

    Easter 1916: A Blessing and a Curse In “Easter 1916”‚ the importance of the Irish rebellion is highlighted by sad anecdotes and strong metaphors. William Butler Yeats uses his words wisely to create a story for the audience to follow. This story‚ however‚ though it may seem like a poem of triumph and independence from Britain‚ is gruesome and upsetting. Many Irish lives were lost in achieving peace for Ireland and Yeats helps the reader realize this through his poem. Yeats emphasizes the independence

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  • 1916 Rising

    People strive for independence and will do anything for it. In 1916 many of the Irish strongly wanted to take hold of Dublin‚ with the purpose to wipe out the British rule in Ireland‚ and hoping to become entirely independent. The Irish wanted to have a republic‚ and become free from the British rule. The leaders before the Easter Uprising started to realize that the public would show their support against the British. The leaders of this rebellion came together to fight for what they believed in

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  • I am the people the mob

    survival against hardships were drawn mainly from his own experience. He was inspired by his experience in the Klondike to write White Fang and Call of the Wild. His experience from sea inspired him to write Sea-Wolf. Jack London passed away November 22nd 1916. Some even believe he had committed suicide. Accomplishment: He began writing in 1893. That year a typhoon had nearly taken out London and his crew. The 17-year-old adventurer had made it home and regaled his mother with his tales of what had happened

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  • Easter 1916- Yeats

    Easter 1916 Background information: * This poem is a elegy for those that died in the Easter rebellion in Dublin * 24th April 1916- Easter uprising * British soldiers executed some of the rebels (Yeats knew many of them) * Fought for the independence of Ireland Themes: * Irish nationalism * Nature * Remembrance * Change * Independence * Sacrifice * Politics Structure: * 4 stanzas‚ first stanza has 16 lines‚ second has 24 lines third has 16 lines

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  • Yeats "Easter, 1916"

    Jesus Christ. Easter 1916 is a poem which documents the Irish revolution. In 1800s‚ Irish parliament signed the act of union with Great Britain; hence Irish became the part of Great Britain. As of which the Irish nationalists and revolutionist IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood)‚ they were not happy about it and wanted to gain independence. IRB was formed in 1858 with 2000 members and “Easter 1916” – manuscripts the events of Easter revolution in Ireland. It was Written in 1916 and Published only in

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  • Aloha Oe

    Analysis of “ Aloha Oe” By Antonio Oliveros Aloha Oe is a short story written by American author John Griffith "Jack" London (born John Griffith Chaney‚[1] January 12‚ 1876 – November 22‚ 1916). (Wikipedia‚ n.d.) The story is about the unfulfilled love due to societal and race differences between a 15 –year old socialite‚ Dorothy Sambrooke‚ the daughter of a U.S. senator Jeremy Sambrooke and Stephen Knight  (also referred as to “Steve” throughout most of the story) a 20‐year old boy Hawaii native

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  • Easter Uprising of 1916

    Easter Uprising of 1916 By Brianna Dicks Due 5-11-11 4th Hour Mrs. Myers and Mr. Flyte What exactly was the Easter Uprising and how did it change Ireland? The Easter Uprising was in April 1916 in Dublin. It was a turning point in modern Irish history

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  • Easter 1916 Analysis

    Easter 1916 Analysis by William Butler Yeats In this stanza Yeats describes the people‚ or "vivid faces"(2)‚ he sees in everyday life. They are insignificant to Yeats as individuals‚ however each of them shares a certain bond with him. They are all united in a fight for their homeland of Ireland. In lines 6 and 8‚ Yeats states that all he says to the people on the street are "polite meaningless words"(6). The fact that what he says to these people is always meaningless‚ shows how insignificant

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