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Topics: Federal Communications Commission, Telecommunications Act of 1996, Bell System Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: February 3, 2013
NETW584 Week 1 Study Tools Transcript
AT&T An acronym for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The acronym is sometimes used to refer to the firm that ran most of the nation’s telephone system prior to 1982 (referred to as “bell”) It is also used to refer to the subsidiary of Bell that provided long distance service after the breakup of the bell system. Note that in 2006, SBC merged with AT&T and took the AT&T name; so now, once again, AT&T refers to a company that provides local telephone service, long distance service, and also advanced services like DSL and Video programming.

Analog A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of a radio transmission to convey information.

Band Plan A set of decisions regarding how radio spectrum will be used. The band plan for a given block of spectrum typically establishes (1) which services can be offered, (2) how the block will be divided both across and within geographical areas, and (3) the rules for assigning licenses to use that spectrum to specific parties.

Bandwidth The transmission capacity of a communication medium.

Carrier Wave In situations where a radio wave is being modified for the purposes of providing information on the wave, the “carrier wave” is the baseline, unmodified wave against which the modified waves are to be compared.

Digital A signal consisting of binary code ( a stream of ones and zeroes) to represent voice, video or data.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) The federal agency in charge of telecommunications regulation, created by the 1934 Communications Act. The FCC is also referred to as the “Commission”.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) A rulemaking proceeding ordinarily begins with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. An NPRM contains a discussion of the issues to be addressed and proposed regulations in response to these issues. Readers are invited to comment on both the issues and the proposed rules. After reviewing...
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