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Gattaca Vs One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Chief Assessors’ reports give an overview
of how students performed in their school
and external assessments in relation to
the learning requirements, assessment
design criteria, and performance standards set out in the relevant subject outline. They provide information and advice regardi
ng the assessment types, the application
of the performance standards in school and external assessments, the quality of student performance, and any relevant statistical information. SCHOOL ASSESSMENT
Assessment Type 1: Shared Studies
The shared text component is the core of the English Studies course and it is clear that teachers aimed to enrich their students’ experiences of literature by selecting a variety of texts, designing interesting tasks, and challenging students to explore ideas and stylistic features at a complex level. That much of the material presented for moderation demonstrated insightful knowledge and understanding, broad skills of analysis and application, and the capacity to communicate precisely, was ample evidence of the rich quality of teaching and learning in the subject. It was also clear that teachers have embraced the changes,

challenges and possibilities of the new
English Studies course and this was particularly evident in the variety of task design. While most teachers appropriately required some responses to be written in essay form, this was sensibly balanced with a range of other forms, such as oral presentations, paragraph responses, analytical annotations, poster displays, and multimodal presentations.

The most successful tasks in all formats were those that stimulated an analytical approach to the texts. Tasks that relied only on demonstrating knowledge and understanding, such as character descriptions, recounts of key moments, or oral presentations teaching the content of a poem, often prevented students from demonstrating that which is foundational to the study of literature —...
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