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* Vietnam
* Canada
* Brazil

For this presentation we will be comparing and contrasting the cultural difference of the three countries of Vietnam, Canada and Brazil against Australia. To do so we have conducted an analysis utilising Hofstede’s Cultural Model. In doing so we will utilise examples in order to demonstrate different difficulties international managers will face in conducting business operations in each of these countries.


Power Distance
* This is a relatively low score of 36
* Hierachies in Australia are developed for convenience, managers and employees share information frequently. Where communication is informal, direct and participative * Almost a net work like

* This is quite a high score
* This implies a culture whereby the expectation is that people look after themselves and their immediate family * People are self resiliant and initiative

Masculinity vs Feminity
* Slightly more masculine society
* Masculine – wanting to be the best
* Feminine – liking what you do
* Australians are proud of their success and achievements in life

Uncertainty Avoidance
* Mid way
* There is a focus on planning
* People are relatively relaced and not adverse to taking risks * A good acceptance of new ideas, innovation and willingness to try something new

Long term orientation
* More short term focused
* Measure business on a short term basis, where profit loss statements are issued quarterly * This drives people for quick results


Power distance
* A much higher score than that of Australia with 70 vs 36 * In Vietnam there is a much stricter hierachial system in place * This is to reflect inherent inequalities, centralisation of power, where subordinates do as they are told

* Vietnam is highly colelctive
* Close long...
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