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Extended Family

states that one important social consequence of the Green Revolution was the disappearance of caste rigidities and the emergence of the middle and rich peasants as the dominant peasantry in the state. The traditional “extended family” was gradually replaced with the “nuclear family”. Mrs. Dula, the wife of a Mexican agricultural official stated in 1970 that there were never before seen houses with swimming pools in Mexico City. The people had so much money and the wives of these rich Mexican farmers...

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Childhood Socialization

development. One is Exosystem. This includes other people or places that the child may interact with. Things such as the parent’s workplace, extended family members, and the child’s neighborhood would be considered part of the exosystem. I believe this aspect of Brofenbrenner’s model would be relevant with socialization because the broad influence of culture, family, and peers is very important in anyone’s life for development. An example of this would be a child’s parent losing their job and this affects...

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globalization in india and china

of India, 2014). Because it was a British colony for long period of time, however, many middle class citizens speak English fluently (Friedman, 2011). Another tradition practiced in India for generations is its joint family system, wherein a household is composed extended family members such as the adult children’s spouses and their children. Arranged marriages for centuries have been the norm. Because of its diverse culture, Indians celebrate a variety of festivals and holidays. The citizens...

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The Extended Family Ended with Industrialisation

The extended family ended with industrialisation Prior to the industrial revolution families were drastically different to how they are today. Extended families and kinship economies played a large part in family life as all land was owned and farmed upon by relatives beyond that of the nuclear family and as such people were born into certain roles in family rather than this being based on achievements and qualifications as it is nowadays. These roles would be passed down through generations and...

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Nuclear vs Extended Family

14, 2012 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NUCLEAR AND EXTENDED FAMILY NUCLEAR EXTENDED A. Consist of father, mother and children. Consist of father, mother, children, grandparents and other family relatives. B. Nuclear family is principally based upon the emotion of parental love and sibling bonding and hence the structural functionalism (mechanism of relationships) is quite simple, yet the psychology involved becomes quite complex. In case of a joint family, the primary emotion is a general affectionate...

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Assess the Advantage of Living in an Extended Family

LIVING IN AN EXTENDED FAMILY Extended family is like having, “2 in 1 home package”. Like they said, “The more the merrier”. According to Ogawa and Retherford 1993, the frequency of extended family households has begun to decline in some Asian societies, but interestingly has been shown to have increased for the first time in decades in the United States from 10 percent to 12 percent between 1980 and 1990, by Glick 1997. Extended family doesn’t mean it has to be biological family such as grandparents...

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Living in Extended Family

Modern life seems to be enjoyable and easier than it was in the past however people are busier and are more concerned about their privacy when it comes to free time. Therefore, having the parents around and living in extended families seems to be more of a hindrance than a help for young couple. Do you agree or disagree? You are required to support your ideas with your personal experience and facts. The world is aging and it is changing. We have reached the 21st century and a lot of changes had...

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What Is Extended Family

Family a group consisting of one or two parents and their children: extended family noun 1. A family group that consists of parents, children, and other close relatives, generally, it’s A group of relatives, such as those of three generations often living in close geographic proximity rather than under the same roof. People living together as an extended family occasionally feel a greater security and belonging. This is an advantage of extended type of family because this family contains...

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Family Diversity

Single parent families Beanpole families Extended family Reconstituted families Cultural diversity Class diversity Sexual diversity The proportion of families living in single parent families has more than tripled in the last 30 years to 24%. Not all single parents have been married .births outside marriage have become more socially accepted today. Changes in religious and social values have made it less likely to for single parents to be labelled and stigmatised. 1) Roseneil & budgeon- argue...

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The Importance of Extended Family

generations, many families have successfully raised their children thanks to the additional guidance and assistance of their extended families. In my opinion, whether it was the wisdom or the insight they gained through life experiences, the lesson that our extended families shared with us were priceless gifts that continue to benefit us to this day. Having the support of an extended family can help parents through many tough times with raising a child in my old country. Extended families play an important...

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