Topics: Invasive species, Introduced species, Extinction Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Topic: Invasive species are not like any other species; they create problems for native species and to the new environment they have been exposed to. Through taking resources or seeing native species as prey, they can disrupt the food web. This in the end can cause harm to other species because it takes away the resources and habitat of the native species. This can also end up affecting people in various ways. Rhesus monkeys for example are an invasive species that carry the herpes- B virus, which is lethal to humans. I am majoring in environmental studies and have taken many classes that have made me realize the amount of damage invasive species can cause. I want to find a way to control or eliminate the population of the invasive species that have already been established in the United States. My solution is to find a way to make the invasive species into a product. Statement of Qualification: I have taken a few classes in FIU, where the problem why we have so many endangered and extinct species is due to the introduction of species not native that become invasive. This is a problem because the invasive species out-compete the native species for the same resources such as food and habitat. People contribute to many species going extinct as well. They over catch a species and don’t give the species enough time to regenerate its population. These species are caught for varies reasons. To name a few, they are caught for food, decoration, and sometimes because the species is rare and has a lot of worth to it. My professor for both of the classes I took proposed we take these two problems and make it into a solution. Humans over-catch native species. This becomes a problem because they could lead the native species’ population to extinction in that habitat. However, that same problem can become the solution to a different problem. If instead of catching native species people would catch invasive species, it could fix the problem. If people found a way to make...
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