Mis System Form Functional Perspective

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Information Systems from a Functional Perspective:

Each management level has a special type of information system that best serves its needs. Each management level also consists of individual functions that require specific pieces of information according to their mission. Keeping in mind the four types of information systems we just reviewed; let's look at the information system requirements for each individual function. From the Function point of view organization can be divide Information Systems into four major areas. These are shown in figure 1.0-

Figure 1.0: The four major types of information systems

▪ Sales & Marketing Systems

Marketing is concerned with the planning, promotion & dales of existing products in existing market. Business firm have increasingly turned IT help them to perform vital marketing function in face of the rapid changes to today’s environment.

Example of Sales & Marketing systems are shown below.

| SYSTEM |DESCRIPTION |ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL | |Order Processing |Enter, Process, Track, Orders |Operational Level | |Marketing Analysis |Identify Customer & Market |Knowledge | |Pricing Analysis |Determine Prices |Management | |Sales Trends |Prepare 5-year forecasts |Strategic |

Table-1.1: Examples of Sales & Marketing Information Systems

▪ Manufacturing & Production Systems

The purpose of the manufacturing & production are producing and delivering products or services, Manufacturing & Production Systems therefore deal with planning, development and production of product and service, and controlling the flow of production. Table-1.2 shows...
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