All Eyes On You Secretively-Spy Camera Marketing Strategy

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All Eyes On You Secretively-Spy Camera Marketing Strategy
Marketing Plan for All Eyes on You Secretively - Spy Cameras

MM522 Marketing Management

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 Situation Analysis 1
2.1 Market Summary 2
2.2 Swot analysis 3
2.3 Competition 5
2.4 Product (Service) Offering 6
2.5 Keys to Success 7
2.6 Critical Issues 8
3.0 Marketing strategy 9
3.1 Mission 10
3.2 Marketing Objectives 10
3.3 Financial Objectives 11
3.4 Target Markets 14
3.5 Positioning 15
3.6 Strategies 16
3.7 Marketing Mix 16
3.8 Marketing Research 21
4.0 Controls 21
4.1 Implementation 22
4.2 Marketing Organization 22
4.3 Contingency Planning 23
5.0 Conclusion 24
References 25

1.0 Executive Summary
All Eyes On You Secretively (all eyes) is a wireless monitoring camera
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Profit targets are a million dollars net by end year four, most of which will be reinvested into extending the product through-out the United States, then globally. A Market plan will be presented by year 3 of operations for extending globally into Asia, Latin America and Africa.
It is expected that All Eyes hardware will initially cost the company $250 per unit to produce, falling to $150 per unit precisely at the 3rd quarter of 2013, in its second year. Additionally, an initial product promotional and marketing cost of $50,000 is slated for six months into the launch of All Eyes, to be reduced as the brand is able to sell itself from the good customer relationship management that will be practiced. Hence the market skimming approach to recover as much costs as possible from sales starting in April 2013.
North America Income/ Profit Forecasts Period | Units to be sold | Fixed Expenses | Cost of Goods Sold | Sales Personnel | Promo-tional | Net Income (Loss) | 3rd Q 2012 | 200 | 235,500 | 50,000 | 84,000 | 25,000 | (394,500)
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The purpose of All Eyes is providing the best service for parents regarding monitoring children via hidden cameras and solving the critical issues which might occur in the service. With all written objectives above, the company marketing plan gives information from mission through product and service offering, financial situation, marketing mix to make sure that the project will succeed. In competitive market, All Eyes will use every tool reaching its target and secure its position in the security cameras market against its competitors. In addition, the company will always follow technological trends and improve services to satisfy its customers.

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