Methods to Measure Success of Training

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Methods to Measure Success of Training For the Popeye’s Corporation, they use the on-the-job training for their managers and employees when opening a new restaurant. This is imperative as you cannot learn to cook or serve or do paperwork by watching a video or listening to a lecture. To measure this type of on-the-job training you would follow up the training with evaluations, site visits by superior managers, and employee evaluations to ensure that the training they received is fully understood. Also with a company this large secret shoppers is a great method to measure how well the company is training their employees. As a secret shopper, you can walk in and be the most difficult customer and test the employees to make sure they know how to handle the different aspects of their job. This allows the company to see form a customer point of view how well the training program is truly working. The Mall of America uses several training methods for their security department. They use audio visual training to go train in officer safety and guest services. They use lectures and role playing for training in first-aid, CPR, AED, Blood Borne pathogens, Verbal Judo, and Krav Maga Defensive Tactics. Once they have received 300 hours of training, they then start on-the-job training where they follow another security officer until they learn their new route and are able to take their own without assistance.
Target uses the on-the-job training program as well with a twist. They train their employees in all aspects of the floor so that they can assist each other so that the customer is always coming first. For example, if there are lines at the registers, employees can be pulled off the floor to assist in ringing up customers so they do not have to wait as long. Or if a customer need help in toys but cannot find an employee, someone who works in electronic could possibly help the customer if he has been cross trained in both of these areas. Thus, Target has happier customers

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