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Human Resource Management Roles
May 6, 2012
Dorothy Cucinelli

Human Resource Management Roles
Health care organizations are equipped with many departments; the heart of the company involves the human resources department and its many functions. Human resources is the organizational function that deals with the issues related to the staff in this instance health care professionals which include performance, development, safety in the work place, planning, and providing indirect and direct benefits to the company. They ensure that the company’s goals and expectations of the organizations’ needs are met. Recruitment and Retention

Adding new staff members to the team is recruiting the right candidate, who will be a valuable asset to the organization. This choice will reflect on the needs of the company and the services it can offer the patients or the entire health care team. With the practice of hiring a new employee all guidelines will be followed especially the legal aspects of hiring which includes but not limited to discrimination in addition to equal opportunity which will improve retention. The retention of health care professionals highly depends on their professional success and the collaborative effort of the team (Hauff, 2007). Moreover, employee retention reflects on the proper training that each employee receives that aids in their development. Training and Development

According to Haller (2012) “Effective training also contributes to your employee retention, especially if these individuals learn what they really need to be successful in their jobs and if they earn rewards for their new knowledge”. Human resources use numerous techniques to ensure training is effective and development is imminent. The training consists of learning it, showing what was learned, proving that the individual can do the task on their own, and lastly earning it which ends in development (Haller, 2012). Employee Performance Management

Health care...
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