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My Short and Sweet English Class

I took EN 101 class in the spring semester in 2013 after I finished English language courses. Before the first English class started, I worried about myself if I would do well in the English class. I was also poor at English. Even though there were difficulties of writing various types of essays, I improved grammar ability and my writing skills by learning the rules of grammar and the writing process in detail.

I wrote four types of essays: argument, narrative, proposal, and report essays. I had experiences to write argument and narrative essays when I took English language courses, but I did not write proposal and report essays at all. Thus, I did not know what I should write and how I organize what I write on those two types of essays. The processes to write proposal essay were not familiar with me, such as defining the problem, analyzing the problem, gathering information and sources, planning to solve the problem, and finding similar projects. Moreover, I had no idea about the organization of report essay which includes summary or abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Obviously, it was hard for me to write those two essays.

However, I got over those difficulties and accomplished to improve my grammar ability by receiving my English professor’s teaching and doing grammar homework. I learned making right structure of sentence, using appropriate conjunction, applying proper punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, and comma. Consequently, I did not make many grammar mistakes on my essays.

Most of all, my writing ability was developed dramatically. Although I learned writing process which includes prewriting, drafting, choosing writing style, designing format of an essay, and revising in English language courses, I did not follow the process perfectly when I wrote essays. For example, I did not do prewriting usually. Instead, I organized my thoughts and made an outline as...
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