English Learning Autobiography

Topics: High school, Middle school, Secondary school Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 18, 2011
English is undoubtly one of the world's most widely used languages,which has become the language of international cooperation in science and technology.We Chinese students learn English as a second language.And the popularity of English is prevailing over Chinese to some extent.As far as I am concerned,Enligsh is more than a subject,a tool or countless examinations,it has become an indispensable part of my life.In this autobiography,I will retrospect the process of my English learning,further make a short-term plan for this semester, and a long-term plan. How I learn English

I have learned this language for more than 10 years. The approach of Grade 4 brought my first contact with English as we began to have Enlish classes in my primary school.Due to the fact that Enlish exam wasn’t required in the entrance exam of junior high,the school and teachers didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.I tried to remember the alphabet and some easy words for fun and those interesting pictures and pronunciation arose my interest.There’s nothing difficult.After being nominated as English course representative by my class teacher,?spent more time in English. After graduating from primary school,I went to an experienced retired teacher’s to learn Junior English in advance with some of my classmates in the summer vocation.I regard it as the real beginning of my English studying.He let us make word cards ourselves and recite the basic words in turn. At the same time he used Book 1 of New Concept English as the teaching materials with regular tests.I kept on listening and repeating,which contributed to some corrections of my pronunciation and my way of remembering new word. I followed all that he taught and insisted reviewing.I almost got the highest mark in every dictation and test.I think this experience is critical in my Enlish learning as I attained confidence and motivation as well as solid foundation,on which base my further study. My middle school is Qidong Middle School and I...
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