Reflective Essay: My Writing Process

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Over the course of this year in English, I think my writing process has excelled the most along with my overall writing. In the past, I have used similar techniques to develop a final essay, but, this year, I have begin to rely more heavily on planning out and slowly chipping away at my essays and papers. I believe also that because of this planning the strength of my writing as a whole has grown. Personally, I do not think that I grew in my vocabulary usage. Overall this year, I grew as a writer in ways that I would not have predicted.
This year I finalized my writing process and how I choose to go about writing my works. I focused on a number of Composition and Writing Process pieces in my portfolio. In the past, I was used to writing rough drafts for all my final papers and only occasionally would I write an outline for them as well. As shown mainly through the Cultural Identity process, the slower and more thorough of a process I take with my writing, the better it will be. Similarly, the rough draft I wrote for my persuasive essay showed multiple errors and places that need to be fixed and patched up in order to improve the strength of my message. For a good majority of the papers I wrote this year, I wrote an outline and a rough draft that was revised at least once. I believe that I have become accustom to a writing...

As shown in my final products, my ability to convey a message through my writing has gotten stronger. My persuasive essay, for example, was able to convince those with opposing views by using information and inferencing how it would affect everyone in a negative manner. Also, in my cultural identity essay I was able to effectively describe and define my culture and how the combination of my parents’ distinctive cultures became a unique one entirely. Previously in my writing I do not think I was able to efficiently convey a message to my audience like I do after this...
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