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How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues Web 2.0 strategies to improve collaboration and boost the bottom line

Executive summary

In this executive summary, you’ll find highlights of Melcrum’s comprehensive report, How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues. To find out how to get your copy of the full 130-page report, please see the order form at the back of this summary.

Since 2007, when Melcrum published “How to use social media to engage employees”, social media and social software tools including wikis, blogs, social networks, podcasts and more, have become mainstream. Far from being the time-wasting fad that crowds of skeptics suggested then, our research has now discovered that for many internal communicators and the organizations they work for, social media is extensively used to solve critical business issues and enhance communication. For an increasing number of companies, social media is now “business as usual”, and part of the fabric of everyday working life. Many organizations have now moved well beyond the social media experimentation phase that was so prevalent just a few years ago. Rather than simply choosing to trial or implement a host of free applications or programs tacked onto a company’s intranet, businesses are increasingly spending significant budget on redesigning and rebuilding their communication strategies and intranets, with social media at the very heart of every operation. The term social media is also rapidly morphing into social intranet or social business.

How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues is the latest research report from Melcrum, which sets out to help internal communication professionals understand just how sophisticated social media within business has become, and how they can apply the relevant tools to their own organizations. The full report addresses the key challenges of how you can: • Move beyond the tools, to focus on prioritizing the business case. • Overcome the most common barriers to social media tools, including budget restrictions, IT involvement and management fear of loss of control. • Discover how other innovative communicators are using social media. • Successfully set and maintain ownership and usage guidelines. • Transition within your role from “controlling communication” to “influencing colleagues”. • Measure the success of your social media initiatives simply and effectively. • Reap the benefits that social media brings: innovation, idea exchange and employee collaboration.


Executive Summary – How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues

Contents of the full report
Report chapters
Introduction Strategy Social media technologies Governance Return on investment The future

Case studies
AEP Aviva BT CBA Deloitte Australia ERM IDEO ING NetApp Scottrade Telstra The Coca-Cola Company Van Marcke Group of Companies Virgin Media

Thought leaders
Lee Bryant Ross Dawson Richard Dennison Sue Dewhurst Gavin Heaton Lee Hopkins Neil Jenkins Alex Manchester Shane Morris James Robertson Euan Semple Angela Sinickas

At a glance
Social media is an evolution of communication and not the solution for every organization, however internal communicators believe it is here to stay and will play a big role in the function’s future. The profession is divided on the merits of using social media and is overly focused on the tools rather than prioritizing the business case. Innovation, idea exchange and employee collaboration are the biggest benefits social media brings to global internal communication functions and their organizations.

Executive Summary – How to use social media to solve critical communication issues


It is simply not enough these days to know about Facebook, Twitter, wikis, blogs and social networks. The critical question to focus on for internal communicators compared to...
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