The Role of Social Media in Organisation Communication

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Organizational communication Pages: 11 (3153 words) Published: October 13, 2012
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1 2| EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIntroduction| |
3| LITERATURE OVERVIEW| || What is organisational communication?What is social media?Role of social media in organisational communicationImplications of social mediaBest practices| | 4| EMPIRICAL STUDY| |

4.14.2| General informationSocial media and organisational communication| | 4.3| Conclusion and Recommendations| |
| List of sourcesAPPENDIX A| |
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This assignment provides a research and analysis of the role of social media in organisational communication, with specific reference to the state of communication within a work environment. The study looks at various definitions of social media and organisational communication, and the link between them.

The research draws attention to the role that social media has in organisational communication in terms of the rapid growth of social media throughout the world over the last decade or so and how it is causing organisations to re-think and adjust their communications strategies in order to align it in the best possible way, which would benefit the organisation in the long run. Social media is helping organisations facilitate a two way dialogue both internally and externally which is important in order to establish long term relationships among employees as well as the customers and even competitors. Further investigation has revealed that organisations must have strategies in place in order to utilise social media effectively and efficiently. In other words, create a model that explores the communications content, processes and the roles of relationships. Social media has tremendous advantages but it needs to be regulated and controlled with strict policies and procedures against potential threats. And this needs to be managed on a continuous basis. Moreover, employee training has been identified as critical if the organisation wants to embrace social media in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures.

The assignment evaluates the state of communication and social media within the specific work environment at Mars Technologies (Pty) Ltd. It has been identified that the use of social media can potentially distort the communication especially internally. It is recommended that the advantages and disadvantages be compared between using traditional media and using social media. Also, communication lines must be kept open with no breaks in communication. New tools such as SocialCast and Yammer need to be investigated in order to reduce communication noise and promote better communication. Lastly is recommended that senior management make use of the various social media in order to maintain the internal dialogue with their employees so that they are kept up to date with current affairs of the organisation, thereby promoting a positive organisational culture within Mars Technologies.

The aim of this research is to discuss the role of social media in organisational communication. Business success is becoming more and more attributed to the degree in which breakthroughs in advanced communication technologies and social media are taking place. In the globalised business world of today, one of the critical elements of success is the role of effective communication within an organisation. A theoretical research on the role of social media in organisational communication was undertaken. A two-fold research method was implemented to reach the objective. Firstly, a literature overview of various sources pertaining to social media and its impact on organisational communication was undertaken. Secondly, an empirical study was conducted by means of a Likert-scale questionnaire, to analyse the current state of organisational communication and how social media can and does affect it in the work environment. The research assignment did not present any difficulties. There were sufficient...
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