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Topics: Gender role, Gender, Feminism Pages: 8 (2443 words) Published: December 4, 2014
 The mass media play a significant role in a modern world and through the broadcast information at an alarming speed, and entertainment to a broad audience. They contain the news, television, radio, books and the Internet. The latter is most of the developing countries now medium. However, television has a wide range of areas of influence. Through the creation of a specific type of message, the media can manipulate people's attitudes and views. I would like to focus on the issue of the method is to investigate advertising structure; I will also try to specify gender stereotypes, it is used in advertising persuasion techniques. People learn about the world around them to sort and simplify the information. Therefore, they create awareness program, a number of observations of the reality of one of the most typical and the most fundamental elements and attributes. The program are responsible for the essential defining our world outlook, outlook on life, and have a significant influence on social awareness, understanding, prediction, and emotional control. One of the most important type of program direction of the use of the social environment in the stereotypes, on behalf of the members for a specific group of the other group. They are internal, the process of socialization. They may be due to our own views, or is the major impact of the people, such as family, friends, teachers and the media. Because there are many simplified and summarized, the production, stereotypes are not complete, subjective and false, sometimes the reality. They are often based on tradition, it is difficult to change. Although they were found to have positive and negative tone, while the latter is more common. Even if there is some parameter allows refuted a stereotype, people would rather treat it as an exception, it is also proved that rules, not to change the way of thinking. In addition, social classifications can result in the homogeneity of the impact of the foreign groups. According to Elliot Aronson, an American psychologist, he says that: “stereotypes are used to attribute the identical features to each member of a certain group without taking the existing differences among the members into consideration” (Elliot Aronson, American psychologist, 1972). Have you ever wanted to do not know why Mr. Windex glass cleaner to clean and general advertising women cleaning the bathroom and washing machine for Windows rather than men? Or why 100 Budweiser Brewery advertising the man sitting in watching sports, their friends while enjoying a beer in women? It is difficult to distinguish gender roles in modern society is a perfect example of negative social effects of stereotypes. A division of gender roles are deeply rooted in the prototype. In the past, patriarchy is the predominant model of the family. The age of the man who had been considered in the financial services industry, career-focused, self-confidence and independence, and women have been shown to be low-level workers, wife and mother, is responsible for raising children and doing housework. It is a series of model-based standards, rather than a partnership, rather than the right to rule and women have more rights and possibilities of the labor market. Feminist environment had a significant impact of the changes in this case. Women's liberation movement fought for the rights of women and to redefine traditional gender roles. They claim that, there should be no distinction between typical male and female occupations, character, and should not be attributed to, and a gender. Although women and men are still not equal, gender differences are no longer so great. However, a large number of social institutions, such as the mass media still in use on the gender stereotypes, based on the assumption that they are well known to help recipients understand the content of the message. Now, I would like to focus on...

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