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Topics: Woman, Gender, Female Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: April 20, 2015
With reference to atleast 2/3 examples, explore how gender is represented in advertising. 30 marks.

Gender is represented in advertising in many different formats and ways, for women in magazines, preferebly they will appear as flawless to sell us a product because they look perfect and we will assume that with this product we will achieve this beauty, but for women in action movies they will appear powerful and independent which for movie trailers will attract a wider audience, lovers of action but also women who want to wash away the idea that women can't be independent and need a man to protect them and it will also attract men who like a strong woman that can defend herself, and for men gender is represented in ads that say men can look after themselves and use products and still be manly. The way gender is represented in ads shows the variety of stereotypes of gender and what men and women should be like in societys eyes.

The first representation of gender i will discuss is the one of women in magazines that look flawless to sell a product, i have seen this in the advertisement of L'oreal Hairspray featuring Cheryl Cole, by using a beautiful celebrity to advertise this product it is telling us that if we use it we will end up looking like this and of that we should. The connotation of this ad is Cheryl Cole and we associate her with fame and she is also the face of many products so we will think that if we use any of these products we will end up looking like her. This ad is a closed text as it has captions and plenty of words to describe what this product will do. The code of expression in this ad is very sexual as there is a direct mode of address and she is positioned with her head over her shoulder which gives off a sexual notion. Advertisements like this are telling young girls, teenagers and women that they must aspire to look like this because females have to be societys version of beautiful which is unachievable and...
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