Topics: Sociology, Advertising, Gender Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Advertising in today’s society is a puissant type of communication. Behind the creativity and exploitation in advertising lies the essence of today’s culture. All forms of advertisement depict a common theme of gender relations. Women are manipulated to appear as the defenseless gender in desperate need of assistance from men. This portrayal of women is the reality of society. The relations between genders are socially stable and structured, to communicate individuals about the purpose of social order in accordance to their environment. In order to preserve gender relations, culture establishes gender displays, which are conventional behaviors associated with sex. Individuals are conveying these notions by implementing these conventional routines of demeanor; thus, creating a norm. Advertisers, therefore, subservice the information already embedded within individuals. The “packages of stimuli” conjure desires and pleasures when observed (Jhally 314). Audiences respond to ads because it acknowledges the gender displays they identify with; thus, advertisements’ designs and concepts are ordinary to the audience.

Advertisers induce the same displays audiences use to comprehend the social life. Advertisement, therefore, reinforces the norms of society by making them common and emphasizes certain expectations the audience is assumed to uphold. Gendered advertisements only accentuate certain facets of gender displays while down playing others, which is known as hyperritualization. As hyperritualizatic images, advertisements provide a dense form of communication of sex and gender (Jhally, 317). For example, Prvy Premium Jean has a print ad consisting of a beautiful woman drenched in water. She faced the wall wearing a tank top without wearing a bra and she appears to be helpless. Prvy Premium Jean ad plays a part of process in which audience endeavors to characterize and comprehend gender codes. This particular ad emphasizes one aspect of gender display rather than...
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