Attitudes Toward Television Advertisement Amongst Genders

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Nhan Huynh
Marcio Lemos
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11 February 2013
Attitudes toward Television Advertisement amongst Genders
A television advertisement is also known as TV advert or TV ads. It is a program which is shown on television for commercial purposes. Typically, a TV ad’s length can range in seconds to a couple minutes and is repetitive. Nowadays, TV ads are considered to be the most powerful form of advertisement among other forms including prints, magazines, websites, and radios etc. TV ads also appear to play the most important role in selling products and services as it is able attract the right television audiences; hence, audiences more likely to purchase items advertised on TV ads during commercial breaks. Recognizing this, many businesses have opt to use television ads as their preferred form of advertising, as it effectively markets their goods and services all television viewers and can be played repetitively. Generally, people believe that women prefer to watch ads more than men. However, this belief has not been proven correct. Do women prefer watching TV ads than men? What kind of ads do people like watching the most? Once these questions are answered through the conduct of surveys, businesses and TV network owners will have a better understanding and develop strategies for their commercials so that they are more attractive to their buyers. This survey was conducted to have a right judgment on why people are interested in TV ads. The hypothesis of the survey is to figure out whether gender (male/female) watch television advertisement more frequently. Method

The survey was conducted on twenty three students and a teacher at ILAC, of which half were female and the others half were male. They come from many different countries in the world and most of them are students. The writer gave them a paper containing a list of 20 questions about television advertisement. These are some of the main questions which includes the results: Do you like ads on TV?

How often do you watch ads on TV?
Do you find ads truthful?
Which types of ads do you like/ avoid watching the most?
What kinds of genre ads do you like?
How do you feel about the products/ services after using?
There are many unsuccessful ads. Which of following is the best reason for the failure of those ads? Do you tend to switch channels when ads annoy you?
How would you feel if there are no more ads on TV?
Unlike the assumption that was made in the introduction which states women prefer TV advertisement than men, the final results were of contrast that idea. For only two questions in the appendix sample of survey attached (Question 6 and Question 7), the results show that men spend much more time watching TV ads than women. 8 out of 12 men indicated that they enjoy ads on TV while 6 out of 12 women agreed to this question. They also provided different reasons for likeness and unlikeness TV ads. Approximately 29% of likes say TV adverts are informative and truthful to the purchase the products, 64% say they are interested in TV ads due to its creativity and attraction. People who do not like TV ads because of annoyance occupy 30% of dislikes and 40% feel ads are boring to watch. The others do not provide the clear reasons.

Further to what is mentioned above, men spend more time enjoying TV advertisements than women (Fig. 1). There were about 6 out of 12 males who watched TV ads for 15 minutes, of that, 3 of them spend 20 to 30 minutes and 2 others watch TV ads more than one hour a day. In contrast, Female tend to use their time doing other things; most of 12 questioned women say that they watched TV adverts about 15 minutes while one woman spends 30 minutes and the other spends more than one hour daily.

The majority of the respondents agree to TV ads being somewhat truthful and 21% of them do not believe in ads. Additionally, 16 people who responded sometimes tend to purchase the products or services after...
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