Ad Project Proposal

Topics: Piano, John Lennon, Steinway & Sons Pages: 5 (1701 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Essay proposal
Domain of consumption: musical instrument/piano
Topic of interest:
How the advertising of piano industry is linked to the consumer culture and social values. Research questions:
* How is the advertising practice connected to consumer culture? * What is the social value shared by the consumers?
* How is the media (internet) used to communicate and how is the advertising practice affected by the technology trends? Brand: Steinway & Sons
Relevant advertisements/campaigns: piano for peace
Target consumers:
Private market and the institutional market
How ads (and/or the practice of advertising) inform and are informed by this area of consumption: * Social value: Desire for “peace” (Bed-In)
* Piano playing is considered “well-educated” and “teach children concentration and self-discipline” * Music Subculture: John lennon’s fans
* Technology trends- virtual keyboard
* Professionals require high-quality pianos & Steinway is a tradition for concert use. How the project is situated in relation to academic literature: * Co-create value
* experience marketing
* Brand image transfer
* Consumer culture theory: Denotation & connotation
Consumer culture theory:
Denotation connotation (piano playing= well educated, self-disciplined)

Academic resources
Non-academic resources:
(Musical Instrument Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis) (piano industry in us) (Steinway industry background)

Describe the campaign/entry
Honouring John Lennon, Steinway and Sons devoted him the Imagine Series Limited Edition. Like all Steinway grand pianos only attainable for the few who can afford it. But Steinway believes, especially this instrument should be open to be experienced by everybody. And in this case “everybody” was to be understood as everybody. Other than usual, we addressed a disperse audience: Critical, politically interested and pop-culture savvy people should try the Imagine Series Limited Edition as one of Steinway’s flagship models. To give them a reason to experience the Imagine piano and to ultimately play it, we chose a special occasion: The anniversary of Lennon’s famous Bed-In at Hilton, Amsterdam. And we created an experience that commemorated that event. The same hotel. The same room. Just 43 years later, there was the Imagine piano – equipped with a newly invented animatronic. It allowed our target group to play the real piano in the room, from wherever they were and take part in the event, using just their computer keyboards! Simply enter, contribute your song and it’ll be played by the animatronic on the live webcast. A message, we spread on all relevant channels (Please see detailed description for details!) leading to tens of thousands of viewers witnessing more than 400 selected songs, played by people from more than 80 countries in just eight hours. But most importantly, we strengthened the public’s perception. And also changed it a little bit: Now Steinway also stands for the same ideals, John Lennon had.

Describe the brief from the client
Get other people than the usual, therefore a critical, politically interested and pop-culture savvy audience to experience the Imagine Series Limited Edition as one of Steinway’s flagship models. Needless to say, Steinway is publicly perceived as a producer of a luxury product, so the objective was clearly to help people experience Steinway as a tangible, communicative, entertaining brand.

In just 8 hours, tens of thousands of viewers witnessed more than 400 songs, played by people from more than 80 countries, which made it into the gallery. This, by the way, means an increase of 19,900% compared to an average of 2 people, who usually come on a typical day to a Steinway...
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