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I will never forget my last birthday. It was on July 18 2007, when I was going to be 18 years old. That day was very special and the best birthday that I have had, because there were many things that made my last birthday important for me.

That day I woke up at 6:00 am, because my parents sang me a special song and they gave me some presents, also my siblings and my parents gave my many hugs, then my cousin Gaby arrived to my house and she gave me a box of chocolates and a CD of my favorite singer, it was the most beautiful present and for this reason I was very happy that morning.

Well in the afternoon many of my friends called me and told me "CONGRATULATIONS! You are old, now you can go to the night club, drink beer and you can do many things that before you could not do, for example you can drive, vote, etc..." These words made me very happy, because now I could go out with my friends to night clubs and I could arrive late to my house. But I was a little sad, because my best friend did not call me and I thought that she had forgotten my birthday.

After at 6:00 pm I was with my parents when I received a message, that was from my best friend Vera and she told me "I have a surprise for you, I want to know if you can come to my house", and I told her "of course, I thought that you had forgotten my birthday", and she said "Did you believe it?, How if you know that you are my best friend and for this reason I want that you come to my house", I told her "yes, I will go, at what time? And she told me "at 8:00 pm I will pick you up, see you!, and I said "ok bye".

At night Vera picked me up in a beautiful car, it looked very nice, then when we arrived to her house, she opened the door, and all my friends were inside with many flowers and balloons, after all my friends gave me a big hug and they sang me a special and beautiful song that I liked and it was my favorite song. Finally, we ate cake, drunken beer, and we danced very much, really enjoyed it.

For these reasons I will always remember that day as the best birthday in my life and it has been the most important, because I was going to be 18 years old, also my family and my friends were very cute with me.

*Education of man does not begin at school, it begins at birth. It ends, not when he graduate from the university, but at this death. Hence education is a life-long process. "Any modification brought about in the behavior of an individual as a result of his interaction with the environment constituted learning." The child learns through his experience. It goes on forever without any break or barrier. Thus education becomes an active and dynamic process. It is much more than schooling, memorizing or learning a prescribed syllabus. Therefore, J.S. Makenzie rightly says, "education is a process that goes on thought out life, and is promoted by almost every experience in life." When the learner comes in contact with real situation, he utilized all his past experiences that are relevant to it and gains new experiences. Thus the child goes on reconstructing experiences throughout the whole life. Therefore, goes on reconstructing experiences throughout the whole life. Therefore, education is considered by the educationists as an active and dynamic process.

Education gives us the knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life and it helps us build opinions and have points of view on everything in life.
Education is very important for our growth and it allows us to make our dreams real. A brilliant education could open doors of job opportunities.

Education is a term which is more easily understood than defined. It has been derived from the Latin word "educatum" which means the act of teaching or training.
According to some, it has also come from another Latin term "educare" which means "to bring up", "to rise". Some also believe that it has been originated from the Latin word "educere" which means "to lead forth" or "to come out".
Thus education is regarded as "a process of drawing out from within". That is why, Gandhijee meant" By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man, body, mind and spirit".
Education is thus a process of self-expression. An individual expresses himself through education. These innate powers and potentialities are developed and drawn out through education. It is a means of adjustment of an individual with the society. It is a process by which he is brought into proper relationship with the ideas and Meals, customs and traditions of the society.
The child is weak, helpless and ignorant at birth. But he gradually grows and develops. He acquires knowledge and skills. He realizes thoughts into actions and satisfies his needs. He changes his behavior according to his environment. Such changes, growth and development of the individual are his education this is the result of his learning and maturation.
Learning is living. Learning is the modification of behavior. Thus education is the process by which the knowledge, character and behavior of an individual are formed and modified. One's conduct and behavior are changed and refined according to the desired standard of the society. This is the result of education.
| | A university which shapes a global Filipino imbued with moral courage nurtured through values and excellent education. | |
Hail to you dear BSU
Hail alma mater mine
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Your honor and your vision
To the nation and the worldCHORUS:
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Hail the heroes’ blood
Hail Batangas State University
Forever we shall shine(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
*Turn on your speaker to hear the BSU Hymn | | Batangas State University is committed to implement its mandates of quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, access and equity, and efficiency and effectiveness through instruction, research, extension and production to meet the growing needs of the country and the world for globally competitive and morally upright professionals, scientists, technologists, technicians, skilled workers and entrepreneurs. | | | | * Peace and Spirituality * Commitment to Excellent Service * Human Dignity and Empowerment * Transparency, Honesty and Accountability * Team Work and Harmony * Concern for the Environment | | | | | | | |
Create a revision timetable. It is important to budget your time, to ensure that you cover all the topics covered in the exam. Remember to take regular breaks and get out and exercise.
Rewrite your notes to aid memory. Rewriting your notes is great if you're a kinesthetic learner. Mind mapping is the most effective way of doing this. Also, when you re-write something, you will probably think about what you are writing, what it's about, and why you wrote it down. Most importantly, it refreshes your memory. If you took notes a month ago and just found out that those notes will be relevant in your exam, rewriting them will remind you of them when you need it for your exam.
Find the right hours. Don't study when you're really tired. It's better to study for two hours in one day than to try and cram in that daily hour of studying at two in the morning. You won't remember much and you're likely to stop before you have studied what you need.
Don't cram. Cramming the night before is proven to be ineffective, because you're taking in so much information at once that it's impossible to memorize it at all — in fact, you'll hardly retain anything. I know it's been preached to you many times before, but it's true: Studying before and going over it multiple times really is the best way to learn the material. This is especially true with things like history and subjects dealing with theory.
Different subjects call for different studying. If its math you're studying for, work on the problems. Don't just read over it like you would for a history class, because you can actually do math, but you can seldom do history. Working problems out will help burn them into your mind, and remember: if you can't solve the problem before the exam, you won't be able to solve it on the exam either. For subjects based on calculations, it is important to do questions because this is essentially how you are going to be tested. With questions.

Choose good surroundings. How do you study best? In your PJ's and your favorite t-shirt? With music or without? In your room or outside? Regardless, you probably won't be able to study while there are distractions like:
Get enough light. For men, try studying with a dimmer light (though not overly dim). Statistics say that 75% of people study and focus better in a brighter room with little noise.
Turn the TV off, more often than not. Some people like to have the TV on quietly in the background. This can cut both ways in that it can distract you from time to time, but also can help you to continue studying. It's a risky strategy to have the TV on: nobody really knows how much it takes away from your attention. Chances are it'll be more distracting than you realize.
Take Breaks. You need some time to have fun and it is better to revise when you are feeling relaxed than to exhaust yourself studying all day! The only caveat is, you need to avoid procrastination.
Plan ahead. Always create a plan before you start studying. Remember that this plan has to be achievable. If 3 out of 5 lessons are easy and can be finished fast, finish them first, so you can spend quality time on the difficult lessons without fretting. Small tricks like these will help you complete your portions quickly.
Review your notes. When you are finished studying one page of your notes, before you move on to the next page, ask yourself questions relating to the material on that page to see if you have remembered what you just studied. It also helps to say the answers to your questions out loud as if you were trying to explain it to someone else.
Ask for help. If you need help, ask someone who is good at these subjects. Friends, family, teachers are all good options. If you don't understand what the person helping you is communicating, don't be afraid to ask them to elaborate.
Be prepared on the big day. On the day of your exam, look at your notes before the exam so that the information is still fresh in your head. Get plenty of rest the night before. Children under 18 need anywhere from 10 to 11 hours of sleep per night.
How to Study Hard
Concentrate on your studies from the very beginning of the academic year. More concentrate you are at the beginning of the year the better will be your results at the end of the year. From the first day of the class tell yourself that you are going to learn a lot from this course and you will receive a good grade. This is important that you start the semester with good mood and with the idea of studying as much as you can. Try to keep this mood until the end of the semester and you will see a positive impact on your grades also you will learn the material better.

*Causes and effects of the pollution

Nowadays, people use different methods of mass media to express their concern about which sources cause the pollution, and which consequences will be lead from it. This essay will try learning these causes and effects of the pollution.

There are different sources, which badly affect our environment. Different kinds of car, trucks on street day by day not only cause the noise in cities, but also damage clean air. Industrial plants, factories throw into the air huge amount of waste. Green forests in the past are being cut down for producing wood production or for new areas of land. Dirty water from living buildings, from industrial zones is soured directly into rivers. We now face different kinds of pollution: air, water, noise and lack of green areas.

From reasons mentioned above, our environment is changing. The air become less clean than ever before, many people now wearing mask when going on streets. Temperature becomes higher, cities' air becomes hotter, and water in oceans becomes warmer. Many old green forests are like a bald hill when looking from airplane.

The effects cannot be good for the environment itself, as well as for the people. Floods are so dangerous, but they are now very popular everywhere in the world and are mentioned daily on TV. At the same time, some green areas return into death deserts. Just only these things are capable to damage our world.

There are many efforts are begin held for environment protection. But there is one more important thing must be cared about: we must stop harmful to our environment actions, before taking any effort to protect it.

Whether Valentine's Day or any other special romantic celebration of the year, the way you celebrate the love you feel for the woman of your life is as important as your own birthday. Therefore, you are looking for romantic and cute things to do to make the most of this special day.

That is the purpose of this page: help you plan a memorable and romantic Valentine's Day or anniversary for you and for your sweet heart. As a matter of fact, I'm about to provide you with a certain number of cute things to do on Valentine's Day or on any other special day of the year ; which will fit with your budget as well as the climate in your area.

It is really my hope that this page will allow you to select the cutest things to do just the two of you. Are you ready to embark on my ship to the most romantic and cutest things to do with your soul mate? Let's go.
Love with diamonds and a five star meal is neither a necessity nor necessarily a meaningful expression of love for Valentine's Day. Having the means to pay for expensive gifts and experiences does not relieve the giver from expressing love personally, nor does it relieve the recipient from returning such love personally.
If you're worried that your funds can't stretch far enough to give your beloved a Valentine's Day to remember, realize that the best experience on Valentine's Day is having your partner come away from it with the absolute knowledge that they're loved, cared about, and wanted. Save your money and still have a great Valentine's Day.

*A family is the first school in which a child receives the basic values of life. He learns good manners in the family. The morals and values learnt in family become our guiding force. They make our character. They lay the foundation of our thinking. I feel fortunate to be born in a family where values are inculcated in early childhood.
I belong to a middle class family. There are six members in my family. They are our parents, grandparents, I and my younger sister. Our grandfather is the head of the family. He enjoys a commanding position. His decision is final in family matters. Nobody can dare to go against him. Everybody respects him. He is the guardian of the family. He is a cool and considerate man. He is just and fair. His decision is never influenced by any other. He is a retired teacher. He helps us in our study. Our grandmother makes us hear good stories.
My father is a police officer. He is a great disciplinarian. He is sincere and hardworking. He always goes to office in time. My mother is a simple housewife. She is a postgraduate in English. She is soft-natured and caring. She takes great care of us. She does not care for her comfort for us. She looks after our grandparents. She helps the poor and the needy. She is religious and God-fearing.
Our family has been known for discipline and values. We give great importance to values and morals in life. Since our early childhood we are taught to respect the elders and love the children. We learnt the lesson of punctuality and honesty from our grandfather. It is due to the good education of our grandparents that we could excel both in sports and education. Since our childhood we have been put into the habit of rising early in the morning. This has a natural effect on our health and physical fitness.
Our family is like a heaven. There is peace, prosperity, love and care. The younger’s having regarded and respect for the elders while the elders shower them with their love and affection. The instructions of the elders are followed with great respect. If a member has some problem the whole family is beside him. I am proud of my family.

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