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5.6 Decision Making --Work File

*Read the course resources regarding decision making. Complete the following requirements. 1. List three life decisions that you made that have changed your life in some way. Choose one and write 2 paragraphs about it. (Total 10 points) a. Moving with my mother.

b. Not having a job.
c. Being the way I am. ( sensitive )

2. Write 2 paragraphs about the decision you made. (Total of 10 sentences. 10 Points)
Moving with my mother changed my life because I found out that she is trying to run my life. She has control but not for long because in a while I will be able to have my own life in my hands. She is tired of me sometimes but she loves me all the time, I just can’t take her control that she had even though I’m her daughter and I can’t make my own decisions now. 2. List three events in your life that you did not have any control over that changed your life in some way. Choose one and write 2 paragraphs about it. (Total 10 points) a. 17th birthday

b. Christmas ( 2012 )


4. Write 2 paragraphs about one of the decisions that you had no control over. (Total of 10 sentences. 10 Points) My 17th birthday was a life changing event because I feel closer to adult stage. I had a tongue ring but I took it out because it was my first one I ever had and it didn’t feel right. Now I know how it is to be a teen close to an adult. Read the case scenarios located at the “case scenario” link on the activity page. Choose one of the six case scenarios and using the decision making process explain what you would do. (Total 60 points) *Complete the decision making sequence below.

1. Identify the decision to be made.
Help your friend fight and comfort them when the fight is over.

2. List all possible options and alternatives.
Tell a parent
Tell a teacher or principal

3. Evaluate each of the options and alternatives.

4. Choose the best option.
Tell a parent

5. Act on your decision.

Tell a...
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