Marketing Strategies of Li Ning

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Date Received |Days Late |Late Penalty |Marker Initials |Format (Y/N) |Plagiarism Code |Collusion Code | | | | |1. | | | | | | | |2. | | | | | Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of Li NING domestically and internationally Sporting goods enterprises have boomed in China in the last ten years but the majority of them are small and medium sized enterprises. For lack of international famous athletic brands in China, it is time for Li NING which may have exceeded Adidas as well as owning over 8,000 stores in China to seize the opportunity to go global. The internal marketing strategies of Li NING is successful to make it become the 37th of the top 50 most worthy Chinese-owned brands in 2011 based on Millward Brown’s BrandZ Survey(Allison,2012). China sports industry just springs out while sportswear industry has been mature in many western countries. Therefore, Li NING has made some adjustments to cater to the overseas markets. This essay will focus on two similarities about e-commerce, sponsorship and three differences regarding brand identity, publicity channels and slogans between Li NING domestic and international strategies. Similarities

When entering the global market, Li NING retains some former...
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