BSBRSK501B Manage Risk final

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For the student
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Student ID: VFHQDB0073
Unit Code: BSBRSK501B
Assessment Title:
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Trainer’s name: STEPHEN FURLONG
Due Date:
Campus: ONLINE

Plagiarism and collusion constitute cheating. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who engage in plagiarism and collusion. You must retain a soft copy of this assignment for your own records in the event you have to reproduce your work. Failure to do so may require you to do the assessment again.

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This assignment is my own original work, except where I have appropriately cited the original source (Appropriate citation of original work will vary from discipline to discipline). 
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Marking Guide

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Performance Indicators
Did the candidates demonstrate:

Establish risk context
Review organisational processes, procedures and requirements for undertaking risk management Determine scope for risk management process
Identify internal and external stakeholders and their issues Review political, economic, social, legal, technological and policy context Review strengths and weaknesses of existing arrangements
Document critical success factors, goals or objectives for area included in scope Obtain support for risk management activities
Communicate with relevant parties about the risk management process and invite participation

Identify risks
Invite relevant parties to assist in the identification of risks Research risks that may apply to scope
Use tools and techniques to generate a list of risks that apply to the scope, in consultation with relevant parties

Analyse risks
Assess likelihood of risks occurring
Assess impact or consequence if risks occur
Evaluate and prioritise risks for treatment

Select and implement treatments
Determine and select most appropriate options for treating risks Develop an action plan for implementing risk treatment
Communicate risk management processes to relevant parties
Ensure all documentation is in order and appropriately stored Implement and monitor action plan
Evaluate risk management process

communication and literacy skills to consult and negotiate, to prepare communications about risk management, and to encourage stakeholder involvement

organisational and management skills to plan and implement risk management processes

problem-solving and innovation skills to find practical ways to manage identified risks

AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines

legislation, codes of practice and national standards, for example: duty of care
company law
contract law
environmental law
freedom of information
industrial relations law
privacy and confidentiality
legislation relevant to organisation’s operations
legislation relevant to operation as a business entity

organisational policies and procedures, including:
risk management strategy
policies and procedures for risk management

overall operations of organisation

reasonable adjustment in the workplace for people with a disability

types of...
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