Biochem gastrointestine

Topics: Acetylcholine, Autonomic nervous system, Smooth muscle Pages: 10 (1301 words) Published: June 23, 2014


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Body System
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Activity of Gastrointestinal Smooth muscle
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Activity of Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscle: Worksheet

Please Ensure That You Have Completed The Calculations In Tables 1-3 Before You Answer The Worksheet Questions

Table 1. The effects of phentolamine and atropine on the contractile response to nerve stimulation (20 Hz) in the isolated rabbit ileum

Contraction amplitude pre-nerve stimulation
Contraction amplitude with the maximum response to nerve stimulation Effect of nerve stimulation on the contraction amplitude


Maximum – Minimum
Maximum – Minimum
Express the effect of nerve stimulation as % change (from pre-nerve stimulation to maximum response to nerve stimulation): (-3.5+1.2)*100/3.5 = -65.7%

with phentolamine
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