Marketing Samsung S4

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1. Core customer value of Samsung galaxy s 4 are more fun experience, shortening relationship with friends and family, simpler everyday live and healthy life care.

Actual component| Augmented component|
-featuresSamsung Smart ScrollSamsung Smart Pause| -warrentyOne year | -designSuper-wide FULL HD ScreenSlim bodyUnique textured design| -after sale serviceStaff will solve the technical problem of the phones | -Quality levelhigh definition camera| -product supportManual provided | 2.

Named Galaxy S 4 because it is the next generation of s3 means s4 keeps and extends some features of s3 and even exceeds it, which made s4 a better version. 3.(a)
Samsung can creative a new phone with the new functional application which provide and analysis the environment that around you no matter where you are. By simply switching on the camera of the phone and send images or video through the GPS and internet to the information data base, hence, the information of the street, shops, restaurants or café will automatically show up on the phone screen so you can click any detail that you want to know. For example, you can know any information such as the promotion that currently the restaurant offers, the recommendation of dishes, customers review…etc. It is a bit similar to iron man’s helmet that can analysis the sight that iron man sees. Thus, people can simply use this application on their smart phone to locate wherever they are and know the surrounding by them. This function is not only fun, convenient to people’s every day live but also it is beneficial to those people who love to travel around. Especially when people reach a new country or new environment, they are always able to gain information by this application. This means people might not carry around the travel guide or map at all, because through the new function the smart phone will be an advanced travel guide.

This new phone would be successful when its innovation is so fun and useful...
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