Iphone vs. Android

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Iphone vs. Android
What do people look for when purchasing a smart phone? What are some of the major selling points that convince consumers that iphones are better than androids or vice versa? Some people would argue that the two are different in many ways. But when looking closely at the new Iphone 4s and the Android sells you can see that there are minimal differences.

The Iphone 4s’s icon interface is simple to understand and to operate. The rows of icons allow easy access to all of the downloaded applications and preloaded icons. The Iphones pull down notification system allows you to see what updates you have for your apps, social networking sites, and keeps you up to date on weather. Android phones interface system allows you to do more from the notification system. When in the notification area of some of the HTC Android phones you can change the phone settings and switch between applications. Android phones use widgets that allow you to switch between different applications and see different information on one screen. When it comes to comparing screen size and quality they both have decent features. The Iphone 4s has a higher LCD resolution level than most Android phones. Although the Iphone 4s has a higher LCD resolution the screen size is still that of the original size 3.5 inches. The level of brightness and clarity in the Iphone screen is much higher than the Android phones on the market. The Android phones have a larger screen than the Iphone 4s and make it easier to read text without having to zoom in. The colors and contrast that the Android phones have make watching movies better. The Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to have a HD display screen. Some customers prefer a larger screen while others prefer more detailed images. Texting on the Iphone is fairly simple. Although the keyboard is smaller than most, the Iphone 4s is more accurate. The Android phones keyboards are different depending on the phone...
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