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Topics: Hotel, Qualitative research, Focus group Pages: 12 (3347 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Proposed marketing research for Jingjing Inn

Name: Kefan Qian
Student ID: s0205160

Executive summary
The purpose of this report is to provide managers marketing strategies and methods to solve market problem. In this report, the market problem is ‘Jingjinag Inn’ is keeping losing market with competitor problem and interface problems. Two marketing research methods are quantitative research and qualitative research. In the qualitative research, we form focus groups to discuss the research objective, operate depth-interviews to get detail answers. In the quantitative research, we organize sample plan, make sample frame, questionnaire and collect useful data to help the completeness of these method. At the end, it clearly displays the marketing research budget and timetable. Managers can make problem solving plan by reference this report.

Table of contents

Proposed marketing research for Jingjing Inn1
Executive summary2
Table of contents3
1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Background3
1.2 Aim of the report4
1.3 Scope of the report4
2.0 Problem Statement4
3.0 Research objectives5
4.0 Problem research methods6
4.1 Qualitative research proposed6
4.1.1 Focus group6
4.1.2 Depth-Interview guide7
4.2 Quantitative Research8
4.2.1 Sample plan8
4.2.2 Sample frame8
4.2.3 Sampling method9
4.2.4 Data collection method9
4.2.5 General guidelines to be used to design the research instrument9
4.2.6 Questionnaire10
5.0 Ethical considerations12
6.0 Proposed Timetable13
7.0 Proposed budget14
8.0 Conclusion14
9.0 Recommendations14
10.0 Reference list15

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
‘Jingjiang Inn’ was established in China in 1996 and has become a chain hotel leader among all the economy chain hotels. Science 1997 the first ‘Jingjiang Inn’ born out, the key concepts of the hotel are all about customers that are: focus on the needs of customers, provide dedicative service and try to satisfy as more requests from customers as possible. The spirit of the entire enterprise is developing with innovation, emphasizing on details and pursuing the best forever. With these purpose ‘Jingjiang Inn’ has been named as ‘the top ten economy chain hotel’ continuously within China. ‘Jingjiang Inn’ is a hotel that combine catering and tourism together so the food, drink and the part of tourism are also very important. The development of a hotel would not leave food and tourism. So, ‘Jingjiang Inn’ hires the best cookers at a high salary to help with the improvement of the hotel. It has been named ‘the hotel with the most cost-effective food in Shanghai’. Also, tourism cannot live without logistics and transport, so the managers tried their best to growth the peripheral services. By July 2011, there are nearly 700 hotels located in 31 provinces and municipalities, more than 160 cities and have more than 83,000 rooms. The brand attributes of ‘Jingjiang Inn’ are: safe, healthy, comfortable and professional. Safe will be the safety of housing structural test has reached the seven seismic standards and develop the infrared monitoring system. Healthy will be choosing the environmental decoration materials and furniture, high-quality food ingredients. Comfortable will be four-star hotel standard bedding, bathing facilities, nutritious and offer delicious breakfast. Professional will be ‘Jingjiang Inn’ has global ranking of 13 and provide professional hotel service. 1.2 Aim of the report

The purpose of this report is to provide an accuracy and efficient suggestion for managers to solve the market problems ‘Jingjiang Inn’ have. To settle these problems, it must utilize both quantitative research and qualitative research. 1.3 Scope of the report

This report analysis and evaluate the problem and opportunities ‘Jingjiang Inn’ exist by operating quantitative research and qualitative research. It will show up the problems, research objectives, focus group, depth-interview, sample plan,...
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