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1.0Executive Summary
From the findings of our research we have arise few issues for Peppercorn Café:

It is important for the cafes to provide good customer service that can satisfy customer needs therefore this strategy can provide communication between the retailer and its customer. Furthermore, the retailer in order to be able to communicate with customer could provide feedback forms where it can represent the voice of its customer whilst maintain confidentiality.

Apart from that the store layout, lighting, music, decoration, seating also are main factors in attracting and maintaining customer as this issues affects the most where comfortably of the store also affects beside the customer service provided.

In conclusion, our client Peppercorn café could improve their customer service skills in order to gain competitive advantage over the other cafes. It is strongly suggest that the cafes should renovate the lighting of the store as well as the decoration into modernize environment.

2.0Statement of Management Problem
2.1 Company Background
Peppercorn Café started its business in 1995, it operates as family business owned by Yau Fair Fong and still manages to operate until now. The café offers mainly western style cuisine with reasonable price for many varieties of breakfast and lunch set.

The café has comfortable lighting which brings more warmth atmosphere inside the café as we walk in more to home environment. The business operating hours were between 8:00 to 15:00 Monday to Thursday, whereas 8:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 22:30 on Friday and Saturday. Whilst closed on Sunday and Public holidays but if public holidays falls on Friday or Saturday the Café still open.

Peppercorn Café has altogether 6 staff including the owner and his wife. According to the owner that they have lesser staff because their ingredients mainly homemade for example: fresh orange juice squeezed at the juice bar to maintain its taste compared to other café uses factory made juice. Apart from those cooking ingredients also prepared by the café as to maintain its quality.

2.2Management Problem
The management must improve customer service, as well the store ambience into better appearance. The purpose of this research was done for food industry to understand level of customer service provided. It is also to have more idea on how appearance of the business may attract customers

3.0The Research Objectives
Therefore two research objectives have been established for this research: •To determine areas of customer service that exactly satisfies customers •To determine and identify what are the customers' preferences of the store in choosing places to eat and the surrounding environment.

4.0Information needs
The information needed for the Peppercorn café as to improve on the area of customer service from other several types of similar industry background. Therefore business strategy could be improved if there is significance of customer service that needs to be achieved amongst others. Apart from that store outlooks and environment shows significant roles in determining customers' perception towards the café. Therefore customers' feedback is needed to further find the solution to current problems.

5.0Exploratory Research
5.1Secondary Data
Customer place an important part in food industry business therefore there is necessity to have a feedback or handling complaints from the customer. From the findings the percentage of 68 % indicates the customer quit from the café as a results of poor attitude of indifference towards the customers by employees. ( Therefore employees plays important role in providing good customer service so they need to be motivated to increase employee productivity and morale, it could be in form of movie tickets, incentives, employee meals, insurance. Etc Mushrooming of food industry is unexplainable as many varieties of...
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