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Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research Quantitative research is the research method because this research method can collect many opinions and information from the large audiences and it is easier in doing analysis. After that, numerical data that successfully collected in the quantitative research is closely related to the final part of the research. (http://www.sagepub.com/upm-data/36869_muijs.pdf)- journal In addition, quantitative research is helpful in explaining and analyzing about a specific topic. (http://www...

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Quantitative Research

 Abbreviated Qualitative Research Plan Scott A. Hughes Walden University Research Theory, Design, and Methods RSCH-8100 P-4 Dr. Eileen Eisen February 2, 2014 The Abbreviated Qualitative Plan Introduction Laws governing the administration of paternal processes, vary from state to state within the United States. The U.S. court system allows states to enforce paternal sanctions even after they have been definitively determined that a man is not the biological father...

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Research report

management. Summary of Qualitative research Previous qualitative research conducted suggested that there was a lack of awareness and knowledge among off campus living students in relation to the MUSAC promotional activities, particularly in terms of membership offers and student discounts. Research also suggested that regular gym goers had problems with the space and equipment standards in the weight room. We resolved from our qualitative research that we need some clear measures of how...

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Mobile Applications Research

The Research Brief | Mobile apps were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval, including email, calendar, contacts, and stock market and weather information. However, public demand and the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories, such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, banking, order-tracking, and ticket purchases. The explosion in number and variety of apps made discovery a challenge, which...

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Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research 1. Introduction Before directly going to the quantitative type of research, let’s say a few points about the terminology research. Many scholars have defined research differently. For example, as cited by Singh (2006), Rusk has defined it as Research is a point of view, an attitude of inquiry or a frame of mind. It asks questions which have hitherto not been asked, and it seeks to answer them by following a definite procedure. It is not a mere theoritizing...

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A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Affecting College Sports Team Unity

The article chosen is Titled “A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Affecting College Sports Team Unity”, by Seyed-Mahmoud Aghazadeh, Professor and Kwasi Kyei, Professor. This article was published November 5, 2009 in the College Student Journal volume forty-three issue two, pages 294-302. Purpose The purpose of the article is to show the affects of team unity within teams. In this article there was a two part study that was performed on a college. The first part consisted of a questionnaire was...

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Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods Part I Team A QNT 561 July 16, 2012 Business Research Methods Part I Electronic books are becoming more popular because it offers portability, flexibility, larger capacity, and affordability. Barnes and Noble recognize the need to evaluate this change and therefore conduct a business research to determine the best approach to modify the business strategy. The learning team will determine an appropriate business research method to conduct a survey. The survey will...

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Quantitative Research Report

Analyzing a Quantitative Research Report Debbie Rhoads Grand Canyon University NRS 433 Introduction to Nursing Research August 20, 2011 Elaine Coulter Instructor/Facilitator Analyzing a Quantitative Research Report ...

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Quantitative Research

Topic: Quantitative Research When conducting political science research, the researcher has to follow a particular series of step. The particular sequence is dependent on the type of social research, whether Quantitative or Qualitative. According to Burns and Grove (1997), Quantitative research is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are utilised to obtain information about the world. It can also be defined as a research process involving the collection, analysis and...

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Assess the problems that are associated with using different types of interviews in sociological research (20)

it produces quantitative data which means that this says little about the meanings and motives of the person being interviewed. Another problem is that because the interviewer has an interview schedule, to ask they might miss some interesting information because it’s not on their checklist. Also the interviewer may influence what the respondent says because the questions may ask leading questions. However some good things about structured interviews are, that they create quantitative data which means...

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Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Research Study

Prepare a critical analysis of a quantitative study focusing on protection of human participants, data collection, data management and analysis, problem statement, and interpretation of findings. The quantitative research article can be from your previous literature review or a new peer-reviewed article. Each study analysis will be 1,000-1,250 words and submitted in one document. As with the assignments in Topics 1-3, this should connect to your identified practice problem of interest. Refer to...

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terminology paper

 Terminology Paper CJA334 Terminology Paper Research terminology is needed in the criminal justice field. A individual has to be able to understand the meanings of the words as well as knowing the concept of the meaning to be proficient in this field of work or career. If the terminology is misunderstood it may cause the case to have a negative outcome and a total new meaning or concept. Knowing the correct terminology for this field of criminal justice will be much easier if...

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis

been the subject of concern for ABC International. The human capital department has reported a sharp increase in employee turnover for the past year and it has been decided that the best approach to resolving this matter would be to first conduct a research. A secondary step would be to take completed Exit Interviews for the past three years. Using these two information, ABC would be able to analyze and get a big picture of how separated and current employees feel about the various aspects of the...

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population? Yes or No (Circle one) d) Is the salary for these 100 professors considered a statistic or a parameter? (Circle one) 3. Determine whether the study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment. a) A Cancer Research Group divided their 40 patients with lung cancer into two groups. One group received an experimental drug to fight cancer; the other group received a placebo. After one year, the spread of cancer was measured. (Circle one)...

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Quantative Analysis

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The field of management science a. concentrates on the use of quantitative methods to assist in decision making. b. approaches decision making rationally, with techniques based on the scientific method. c. is another name for decision science and for operations research. d. each of the above is true. ANS: D PTS: 1 TOP: Introduction 2. Identification and definition of a problem a. cannot be done until alternatives are proposed. b. is the first step of decision making. ...

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The Philippine Education System Journal Review

looks into some policy issues that arise from the results and discussions. Generally, the following play significant effects as to why some Filipino children are not in school: Poverty Labor Low level of literacy Lack of interest In the research, one of the methodologies done was by conducting an examination based on econometric models. This was done in order to further investigate the factors that contribute to non-participation in school and the lack of personal interest of children who...

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Adaptability level of former education students who were advised to shift

Bachelor of Science Secondary Education Et al- and others LU- Laguna University In Lieu- Instead of CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter includes the research design, subject of the study, research instrument and statistical treatment. The nature of this study is descriptive that used quantitative data from a survey of 20 respondents that were non-represent ably sampled by the researchers. THE RESPONDENTS Setting, The study will be conducted inside...

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

reliable.” However not everyone agrees with that assessment. The Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance and the National Research Council has several studies that show as many as 75 % of those who take the test receive totally different results when the take the test again. There comment is "...there is not sufficient, well-designed research to justify the use of MBTI in career counseling programs. Much of the current evidence is based on inadequate methodologies"(Duckman, 1992)...

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Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology

inspiration, behavior, and psychopathologies in cross-culturally contradictory habits. Cross-cultural psychology is different from general psychology in that general psychology is the applied and academic field that studies human behavior. Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain human thought, behavior, and emotion. Psychology is a blend of philosophy and biology; whereas cross-cultural psychology defines certain behaviors as it pertains to one's culture. Cross-cultural psychology...

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Critique Steps (Understanding Quantitative Research)

OUTLINE OF BASIC CRITIQUE STEPS (understanding quantitative research): Brink and Wood (1994), and Burnes and Groves (1997), similarly describe the steps for quantitative nursing research process and methods. The authors include not only the basic steps to conduct nursing studies, but also translating the studies into articles for publication. According to Burnes & Groves (1997), and Hamric and Spross (1992), the quantitative research method is used to describe or gain more information, test relationships...

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 Conducting Qualitative Research: Marriage and Relationships Jean Berry Walden University Conducting Qualitative Research: Marriage and Relationships The article by Hawkins et al. covers the study of marriage and relationship education Research (MRE). Marriage and relationship education entails the development of strategies, interaction, skilled communication and problem-solving abilities with a focus on active listening, allow for the development of a solid and healthy facilitate healthy...

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Statistics-Chart and Graph Paper

data was collected is important for the reader to understand.. According to Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2003) there are two types of data. They are: *Qualitative data- Data consisting of values that describe qualities or nonnumeric categories. *Quantitative data- Data consisting of values representing counts or measurements (p G-4). In the following three examples of charts/graphs the type of data being displayed will be discussed. Pie Chart Excellent use of section headings! The first type to...

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Is the Study of Politics Best Considered a Science or an Art?

political world (Heywood, 2002). However the fact/value dichotomy is not as clearly defined as is assumed here. Values are deeply involved in the identification of facts as well as their description and examination since all political scientists enter research with at least some presumptions about their subject. Hence, it is never entirely possible to reach absolute neutrality in politics. The ambivalence of the fact-value dichotomy leads us to another difficulty. Political activity does not occur in...

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Health Literacy

Research Proposal “Mixed-methods evaluation and modelling of mother’s health literacy on child health in province of Aceh, Indonesia” I. Background Child health is an essential indicator of the quality of life in developing countries. Mothers’ literacy is often positively associated with improved child health and nutritional status (Glewwe, 1999). The possession of literacy increases the ability of a mother or a family to acquire more knowledge. Improvements in child health are considered...

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Bshs 435 Weejk 4

qualitative research so important. This research method provide social workers with a better understanding of issues and situations. Qualitative research inform social workers about the best way to help people who are in need of assistance. Qualitative research is useful for social workers to obtain knowledge in complex or sensitive situations for example workplace bullying. Many issues in the social working profession fall within the area of sexuality and mental health issues, qualitative research is one...

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What is Talent Management

performance. We all know that teams with the best people perform at a higher level. Leading organizations know that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent. People are the difference. Talent management is the strategy. Analyst research has proven that organizations using talent management strategies and solutions exhibit higher performance than their direct competitors and the market in general. From Fortune 100 global enterprise recruiting and performance management to small and...

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Evidence Based Practice

should be combined with a patient-centred approach, with evidence-based practice (EBP) forming the backbone of nursing care (Fitzpatrick, 2007). Sackett (1997) describes evidence-based medicine as combining clinical expertise with the best systematic research and highlights the importance of a link between evidence and the decisions made in practice. Lindsay (2007) suggests, however, that there may be difficulty in making the transition from EBP as an active process, towards becoming a successful intervention...

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Outline the sources of secondary data that sociologists use and assess their advantages and disadvantages

Outline the sources of secondary data that sociologists use and assess their advantages and disadvantages. (33 marks) A source of secondary data that sociologists use is official statistics, official statistics are quantitative data created by the government or other official bodies. A ten-yearly Census of the entire UK population is done on a range of area’s e.g. births, marriages and divorces. Government use official statistics in policy-making and there are several types of sources: registration...

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Qnt 351 Data Collection

Data Collection QNT/351 Quantitative Analysis for Business Learning Team Assignment: Data Collection Purpose of Assignment The purpose of the Learning Team assignment is acquaint teams with the research study undertaken, purpose of the study, research question, and so on. The team assignment is to complete the first step in data analysis in the following form: 1. Describe the problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses 2. Evaluate of the instrument used for data collection ...

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Effectiveness of Dibels

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) Validity and its Relationship with Reading Comprehension Introduction to Research Reading fluency is considered an integral component of the reading process and it has a big presence in the classroom. Its importance became evident since the National Reading Panel (2000) pronounced fluency instruction and assessment an essential and was thus incorporated into the reading First guidelines of No Child Left Behind in 2002 (Shelton,...

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The Role and Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Ghana’s Economy.

ASSIGNMENT (a)   Using the 8 questions in page 75 of your text book but start reading from page 71 under the heading of - Determining what to research, and stop at the 8 questions. , propose a research topic and Justify it choice. Proposed Research Topic: The Role and Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Ghana’s Economy. Topic Area: The topic is on Microfinance and the Impact It has on Ghana’s Economy. Microfinance is often defined as financial services for poor...

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portfolio management

Research proposal  on “Indian portfolio management – A comparative study of  nationalized, co­operative and private bank of Gujarat” Prepared by Ravaliya Dipika M. Under the Guidance of  Dr. Girish N. Rana Associate Professor  J. Z. Shah Arts & H. P. Desai Commerce College  Amroli, Surat 2/13/15 1 Portfolio Management  A Portfolio means a collection of investments all owned by the same individual or organization.  The art of selecting the right investment policy for the individuals in terms...

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Qualitative Risk Analysis

can lead to further analysis in quantitative risk analysis or directly to risk response planning. Qualitative risk analysis is the process of assessing the likelihood and impact of identified risks and prioritizing them according to their potential effect on project objectives. This process id accomplished using established qualitative methods and tools. The purpose is to help the project team focus on high priority risk and also to lay the foundation for quantitative analysis should it be needed....

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Forecasting: Abc Flower Shop

result, he or she would make operational adjustments in accordance with those forecasts. Forecasts are either qualitative or quantitative in nature. In this forecasting example, ABC Flower Shop will use a quantitative method, which will enable it to predict how many flowers it will need to order from suppliers so that it can meet customer demands in the future. Although quantitative methods are designed to be more accurate than a guesstimate, it is important to note that many other factors have a tendency...

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Quantitative Management

Quantitative Techniques/Operations Research Successful managers use quantitative techniques in decision making when: 1. The problem is complex. 2. The problem involves many variables. 3. There are data which describe the decision environment. 4. There are data which describe the value or utility of the different possible alternatives. 5. The goals of the decision maker or the organization can be described in quantitative terms. 6. Workable models are available...

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Harrah's Entertainment - Study

to accurately predict play enabled them to build relationships with customers based on their future worth, rather than on their past behavior. They also adapted to proactive marketing, which was opportunity-based customer segmentation. Harrah’s quantitative approach also made it possible to conduct marketing experiments and track customers over time. This helped Harrah’s discover the right marketing instruments, for the right behavior modification, for the right customer. Harrah’s developed a customer...

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Sociology Interpretivism versus structuralism

structuralists overlook. Interpretivists also argue that the research methods favoured by structuralists are ineffective and do not produce a valid representation of society. They claim that scientific or quantitative methods of studying human behaviour are not as effective as qualitative research methods due to the fact that humans are unpredictable creatures; put in the same situation twice, they may act differently. Quantitative methods of research usually don’t cover the emotions and perceptions that...

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Scientific Method and Unknown Sample Number

2.8 1.6 1.1 1.4 0.561 #5 2.2 1.6 0.6 1.4 0.306 #6 2.3 1.6 0.7 1.5 0.311 Questions A: Which of the six measures in the experiment yielded quantitative data? What specifically about the measure was quantitative? Quantitative data can be counted and expressed numerically, so in this case, table 2 contains all quantitative data. B. Which unknowns are you confident that you correctly identified? What specific test was crucial in this confidence? I am confident that unknowns #1...

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Outline and Assess the Usefulness of Official Statistics of Crime to Sociologists.

statistics are open to political abuse, therefore both positivists, who prefer quantitative data collected in a systematic way, and interpretivists, who seek for more in depth researches with a lot of qualitative data to find out the reasons, have all the rights to ignore this statistic as the dark figure of unrecorded statistics is still hidden, as the British Crime survey discovered that more crimes are found through research other than through reporting to police. Even though the statistics may be...

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Behaviour of Crows-Project

expires. I have noted every behavior of nest attending crow belonging that time with 2 minutes intervals. Focal Animal Observation: Methods – Mostly focal animal sampling was done on one of the nest for obtaining qualitative as well as quantitative data on crow breeding behavior. Focal animal sampling – It is a sampling technique in which, all occurrence of a specified action of a study subject (individual or a particular set of individuals) are recorded during a predetermine sampling...

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The Scientific Method

these same observations substances 5 and 6 are questionable. Questions: 1. Which of the six measures in the experiment yielded quantitative data? What specifically about the measures was quantitative? Quantitative data is data that can be measured numerically, out of the six measures in the experiment volume, mass, and density would be considered quantitative since these measures can be measured numerically unlike any other from the experiment. 2. Which unknowns are you confident that you...

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Quantitative research involves collecting numerical data though content analysis, performance tests, personality measures, questionnaires, etc. Quantitative research allows for experimental and non-experimental research. Experimental research tests cause and effect, while non-experimental research, such as, correlation research, relates variables, and survey research describes trends. There are three basic types of quantitative research questions: descriptive research questions, correlational research...

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‘behaviourism’, the objective study of externally observable behaviours, being a favoured method, and then on to ‘cognitive psychology’ which, without returning to introspectionist methods, have included internal cognitive processes in their gamut of research aims, through mainly objective experimental methods. More recently, there has been a move towards the increased credence being given to subjective accounts from individuals. This essay will describe two of these methods, the Twenty Statements Test...

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P3 Acca

(our emphasis of certain key words). In even more condensed form, the advice is: * Apply models to the information in the scenario. Merely explaining models does not gain many marks. * Look for clues in the scenarios. * Use the quantitative data. * Pay attention to the marks available as this should determine the time you spend on each question part. * Question….. was so popular that it led some candidates into over-answering it, leading to time problems. In such cases...

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Attitudes to Older Workers

Commercial-In-Confidence PH: +61 (0) 438 555 436 +61 (0) 457 805 838 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Overview …………………………………….……………………………………….. 3 Executive Summary - Workers & Employers ...………............. 4 Findings from Workers Aged 50+ (Quantitative Study) ……………….. 11 Findings from Employers (Qualitative Study) ………………………..…. 16 Appendix I: Methodology ……………………………………………………………. 21 © Westfield Wright Pty Levels 13 & 14 Macquarie House 167 Macquarie St SYDNEY NSW 2000...

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Blockbuster Case Obm-2

implementing an approach of scanning through quantitative data, to know where what product is best sold. Nowadays James W. Keys is doing the same for Blockbuster, by customizing titles at each store based on rental patterns. Question 1 Mr. Keyes obviously is a big fan of the quantitative approach. How might principles of scientific management be useful to blockbuster? Mr. Keyes is for sure a big fan of the quantitative approach. The principles of quantitative management for Blockbuster would be that...

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Is Sociology a Science

believe that by doing this it allows one to gain true and objective knowledge. Positivists say that reality is a separate thing existing outside of the mind, so society can be studied objectively as factual reality. Early positivists argued that research could lead to the control and improvement of society. However there are conflicting views about whether sociology can be seen as science or not. Whilst positivists argue that the aim of sociology should be to study social facts and measured quantitatively...

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Learning Team Data collection

employed, gender, and if the employee is management or not. Some questions include the company’s communications, the employee training, and if you enjoyed your assigned shift. Types of Data Collected The types of data being collected are quantitative only because the data deals with numbers, categories, and the information is measurable. Ballard Integrated Managed Services is surveying all 449 employees to gather information as to why the morale has weakened in the past four months, sick time...

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Service Quality Audit

Audit Results 2 1 What is a Service Audit? • A Formal Study of Actual Service Performance – Based on Observable Standards – Performed by Disinterested Observers – Qualitative • Gathers Impressions • Characterizes Guest Experience – Quantitative • Gathers Data • Reports Operations & Performance 3 Dimensions of Service (Training) (Systems) Personal High Low Procedural High Quality Service Friendly Zoo Factory Low Freezer Adapted from: Quality Service by William...

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Week 3 Team Paper QNT 351

voluntary and anonymous and employees received it in their bi-weekly checks. Both quantitative and qualitative data were variables used in the survey. At the beginning of the survey quantitative variables were used by questions being measured with 1 with one being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Question A uses qualitative data to show what department each person is responding to the survey. Question B uses Quantitative data by asking the length the employee has worked for the company. Question C...

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What Is Science

scientists to verify their findings from other researches. Cumulative aspect allows researchers to start somewhere. This feature is unique because researchers can find out what others already have and gives them the option to add or remove from their research. Self-correcting is the act of identifying and correcting the errors made in the observation. Self-correcting is a great feature because as humans we are never perfect. When errors are made in observations, sooner or later mistakes will be identified...

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Assignment 2013

'other','failure','success') R. y - has the client subscribed a term deposit? ('yes','no') Question 1 (17 marks) a) The following the variables listed in “bankdata.xls”, classify the variables into (i) one of two types of variables: qualitative or quantitative and (ii) one of the four types of scales: nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio. Variables Type of variable Type of scale B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R Question 2 (144 marks) a) Construct a frequency table...

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GLT1 Task4

 A Comparison of Research Methods Western Governors University GLT1 Task 4 August 05, 2013 A Comparison of Research Methods A. Sociological Research Methods Sociology is the study of human relationships and institutions (UNC, 2013). In order to enrich our understanding of key social processes, sociologists carefully gather and analyze evidence about social life. Most sociological research involves “field work” that has been designed to most closely represent...

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What did Georg Simmel seek to demonstrate through his “formal” sociology?

without a chair only in 1901. Through formal sociology Simmel was proposing an alternative way of thinking to his contemporaries. I found Simmel’s writing very paradoxical. He purposes a more qualitative method of investigation rather then the quantitative method of positivists. Simmel together with Max Weber formed the anti-positivist a movement that opposed positivism. Positivism believed that truth is in scientific knowledge gained from empirical evidence. They would choose a subject matter, such...

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Statistics Basic Terms Definition

attribute or characteristic Gender,Zip code Quantitative variables - provides numerical measures of individuals - Arithmetic operations can be performed on the values of a quantitative variable and provides meaningful result Temperature Qualitative data - Observations corresponding to a qualitative variable Gender(M/F),Zip code(60616,90210) Definition Example Quantitative data - Observations corresponding to a quantitative variable Temperature (17ʼC) Nominal level...

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Team Assignment Week 5

environment, and what level of dissatisfaction accounted for the high rate of people leaving. Using the technique of correlation meant showing the relationship between employees. Their dissatisfaction and leaving the company was that correlation. The quantitative data gathered here could be measured to would have revealed whether enough data had been received. The tables below show the coded dated and give examples of questions that were asked as part of the survey. Coded data Table A Q# Question...

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Lab Report Expectations And Guidelines

word from other sources This is plagiarism and would result in a zero mark and possible further consequences. Avoid qualitative phrases such as "the results were quite close" or "heat fluxes were in good agreement with the correlation." Be as quantitative as possible. Lab Report Sections: Title- Heading, Name, Name of Partners, Class Name, Teacher Name, Date of Lab Report Introductory Paragraph – This section should be written in complete sentences and should connect lab concepts to class content...

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Auguste Comte Theory on Sociology

invariant laws governing the social and natural worlds — has influenced profoundly the ways in which sociologists have conducted sociological inquiry. Comte argued that sociologists (and other scholars), through theory, speculation, and empirical research, could create a realist science that would accurately "copy" or represent the way things actually are in the world. Furthermore, Comte argued that sociology could become a "social physics" — i.e., a social science on a par with the most positivistic...

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Ten Strategic Om Decision

APPROACHES 1. Qualitative approach – it is based more on expert opinion and judgmental, qualitative forecast usually doesn’t rely on history. The qualitative techniques in forecasting are jury of executive opinion and Delphi method. 2. Quantitative approach – it is mostly pertain to numbers or figures such as sales forecast, budget forecast, and figure projection or econometrics. SEVEN STEPS TO BETTER FORECASTING 1. Determine the use of the forecast – What objective are we trying to...

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What’s the point of sociology?

avoid this event. Therefore, I believe that the point of studying sociology is to understand the human behaviours in wider society and also to identify the difference between the common senses and sociological imagination by backing up with a research and theories, in order to compare the data and generalise the result, which could help to solve the wider problem. However, because the results cannot be perfect, there will be some exceptions and also qualitative analysis is essential. Reference: ...

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