Marketing Product Launch BP Final Draft Diana Hedda Ivan

Topics: Cuba, Investment, Havana Pages: 20 (796 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Banco Popular of Puerto Rico

Executive summary
Situational analysis
Market growth potential and competitive analysis
Segmentation, target market, and positioning
Pricing and distribution strategies
Marketing communication plan
Financial information(including forecasting demand, break-even, sales, promotional budget, and marketing expense)
Intended marketing objectives for Y1, Y2, and Y3 
Implementation milestones
Evaluation and control metrics and methodology to measure
Contingency planning

Financial Services Conglomerate

financial services to individual and business

Asset Management

advance online banking
extensive and complete distribution network in
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Popular, Inc., doing business as Banco Popular in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and as Popular Community Bank in the United States, is a financial services conglomerate that has been operating in Puerto Rico for almost 120 years and in the United States for over 52 years. In recent years, it has expanded into other areas of the Caribbean and Central America. The BPPR in the logo stands for Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, where the bank has its major historical footprint.

Popular, Inc. is the parent company of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Banco Popular North America, E-Loan, and several other companies.

The headquarters of Banco Popular Puerto Rico are located in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico


Banco Popular (BP) will establish the target
market and segmentation in their new Cuban
operation. The reforms of the financial sector
in Cuba will require activities in several areas
like the building of institutions, the
development of financial instruments
accessible to market participants to invest
and deal, and the liberalization of prices.

BP is committed to provide quality financial services and
support the development of the communities where they have
presence by focusing on service, innovation and technology . Cuba
 The Republic of Cuba is formed by one large island and several small ones and Havana, Cuba’s capital, is considered the
island commercial center.
 It is the largest island of the Caribbean with a population of over 11 million of people. The country has a ruling Communist single-party state since 1965 with economic, political and legal control.

 It is expected that the openness to foreign investment helps to improve the economy of the island.
 Over the last decades, the foreign direct investments has added close to $3.5 billion to the Cuban economy, savings,
and investments supporting the exportation of goods and
services and the improvement of domestic output by roughly

Same brand, colors, and product
identification to be used in the Cuba
Domestic Customer & Market

financial services provided to more than 1 million
individual and business customers,
targeted to business owners, individual
entrepreneurs, investors, single parents, and
small firms.

International Customers & Markets

Popular Inc. will offer basic financial services and
consultation, capital investment, and banking
products to the Cuban people and investors.

Radio: This allows us to market lower level
markets that can not be reach with other
methods (elderly, low income families).
Television: This will open on any home, store,
restaurants, offices and promotional add
Website: Internet access is very poor and
expensive. Promotion will be expensive and will
be hard to provide a good platform for clients.

Corporate Accounts: Provide a solid
product for new and lucrative investors that
require a full attention service.
Transfer Accounts: Once relationships are
established follow up will be available...
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