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Nudie Jeans (“Nudie”) strive to share their passion for denim with the fashion community and demonstrate socially responsible business practices. Nudie strives to deliver the best quality from material choice to craftsmanship and design coupled with a vision for change in manufacturing practices in the fashion industry. This is illustrated in their firm supporter of Amnesty International in their fight for ethical human rights practices in the garment manufacture industry.


Nudie’s main objective will be to increase market share in men’s jeans amongst its competitors and increase specialist retailer distribution globally. This will not require mass marketing, but rather a more specialised and centralised approach. Nudie Jeans are really the “naked truth about denim” and there is nothing more that consumers appreciate more than honesty. This is why honesty, quality and responsibility are the principles our marketing plan are based upon.

Nudie does not currently have a large public advertising campaign as they are a specialist item, but importantly Nudie Jeans thrives from word of mouth. We do not seek to launch a large advertising campaign, however we do believe that sales would grow with a cutting-edge, small scale advertising campaign which strays from everything mainstream and communicates to the target demographic that Nudie is chic and unique.


Nudie Jeans’ core focus is on the production and sales of men’s jeans. These jeans are sold globally. Nudie has the potential to become one of the most prominent jeans label with a global cult-following. Already, celebrities such as Zac Efron, the Killers and the Kaiser Chiefs have embraced their Nudie jeans and promoted the brand to loyal fans.

By placing emphasis on delivering the highest quality whilst being socially responsible, the brand holds unique values that differentiate it from its ‘cult’ jeans market competitors.

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