Marketing Plan and Strategies of Tassel Group

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Marketing Plan 2

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1. Introduction3
2. Marketing Goal and Objective3
3. Specific Marketing Strategies4
3.1 Target Market4
3.2 The Marketing Mix4
3.2.1 Product4
3.2.2 Price5
3.2.3 Place6
3.2.4 Promotion6
4. Marketing Implementation and Control7
4.1 Implementation-Tactical Marketing Activities7
4.2 Control8
5. Conclusion8
6. Reference10

1. Introduction

When we talk about the salmon in the Australia, we can associate with one brand of the salmon goods that is the Tassal. The Tassal Group Limited as a top three global fish farming company, each year they satisfied the demand of the salmon goods not only in the Australia but also around the world (Tassal Group, 2013). What is more the Tassal Group has the whole production chain about the salmon goods; the biological assets account a vital stage in the whole company’s assets. Start from hatching, the feed the small fish in the special environment and then put the back to the farm at the Tasmania. As the Australia leading business entities, how to build the effective marketing strategy is very important for the success of the business in conducting the business in different regions and areas. The purpose of this marketing plan is to support the selected establishment in achieving their goals and objectives.

2. Marketing Goal and Objective

Marketing goal: since the one of the major advantages of the Tassal Company is the domestic market’s high profitability and revenue, therefore, The Tassal Company’s marketing goal is building strong Tassal brand. Marketing objective: Tassal focuses on two major domestic markets – wholesale and retail. Tassal’s managers and marketers create some new plan whereby customers errn discounts, such as more preferential and give gifts. Sales plan and operating efficiencies continue to drive earnings growth as tassal sustainably generates both total dollars and dollars per kg of fish sold from Austria market sales. Tassal can use marketing campaign continues to build brand and drive sales in the core domestic wholesale and retail markets. As well as driving domestic markets, tassal can try to focus on growing fish biomass. According to the survey, strong gains in fish biomass, feed conversion and survival which in turn driven operating cost efficiencies and margin improvements. If the Tassal do it, the earnings will continue to grow faster than revenues and returns have continued to increase towards targeted levels. About wholesale, Tassal can continue to increase investment, because wholesale is a very big market, in Australia, there have thousands of shop, every food shop and other shop is Tassal’s market. Tassal Company need sale their products in every corner of Australia.

3. Specific Marketing Strategies

3.1 Target Market

Tassal’s target market is Salmon users, and the potential target market is sea food users who do not eat salmon, by the way, if Tassal want the potential target market customers buy their products, they need increased consumption in two steps: increasing frequency of existing users, and convert non-salmon, but seafood users. However, the most important potential target customers is female, main grocery buyer, the age like 25-49 years old (Tassal strategy session, 2012) , because those customers most of all was married, they are not just each one customer, they are on behalf of the family to shopping, that is a big market.

3.2 The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is looking at the right product, at the right price, what media to use and to use the right place. These are known as: product, price, place and promotion. The Tassal company brand has established itself as a leader amongst Australian salmon retail stores. Their philosophy has always been to provide Australians with the best health and biggest range.

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