Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research Paper

The American food networking Industry has seen tremendous growth since the fist cook book was published in the late eighteen century. The number of households that have subscribed to the Food networking has increased many folds as has the viewership. Never before has this stylish food industry seen such growth. This paper tries to investigate the case of Kudler’s Marketing Plans as it looks into the ways by which the Company can improve on its Research and Competitive intelligence plan. The paper also tries to find out the newer domains where the company could look forward to go for research and there by develop its strategy and tactic. About the Company

Kudler Food was founded in the year 1998 by Kathy Kudler who started it as a hobby before converting it into a business plan. The company’s main objective is to achieve customer delight by offering them quality products at a very competitive price. It also looks after its premium customer by adding value to its offering and in turn charging a premium (Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, 2010). Marketing Strategy

Kudler food had a major marketing plan based on targeting its loyal customer by increasing their purchase cycle and improving the company’s efficiency of operations. The major tactics included in its marketing plan are as follows: Offer cooking training to its customer thereby increasing their learning experience. The company took the services of well known chefs, food experts and celebrities to make its cooking class success. Kathy Kudler herself pro actively participated in such social gatherings. It started a fulfillment card program for its customers in order to understand their purchase cycle better. Through these programs the company awarded its customer. The company also took steps to reduce its cost by making its internal process more efficient. Though the above process were good enough as a part of the company’s marketing plan but it required a research to back its decision making process. Marketing Research

Marketing research is the process of gathering, recoding and analyzing data in such sense that it gives business insight and helps in the decision making process. (Porter, 2009) The company took the initiative to knowing what its customer wants by posting a survey based on a questionnaire on its site. But the main success of such research dependent on the company’s ability to ask the right customer sit its customer and after that analysis the outcomes of its survey. Thus though the survey was a success in certain extent as it told the company about how the customer rated its offering (in terms of the ambience of the store, its merchandising, services and the value) but it failed to ask its customer the importance of these things to them. The survey failed to ask in the real sense as to what actually the customer wanted. Let us look at the various marketing plans that the company undertook and the specific research strategy that they should adopt for the same besides the general research that they should undertake. Growing the consumer base and the services:

The training class that the company organized for its customer where on the basis of their belief that the more time the customer spends in the stores the more will be the company’s revenue per visit. But this strategy was not based out of any research by the company. Frequent Shoppers program

If done properly this program might bring in more business for the company. This might be possible if the company can do a research and find out the customer segment that they can target. Increasing the efficiency of operations

The company plans to increase its operational efficiency. But before it does so it’s should make a decision as to what extent it can go about with its cost cutting plan. Thus the company should do a cost benefit analysis and find out by a research that by cutting cost in which area the...

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