Topics: Marketing, Brand, Germany Pages: 12 (2731 words) Published: May 15, 2015
48-hour Re-exam for 3rdsemester 19.-21. Jan. 2015

Name: Chen Chen
Lecturers: Hellen Thomsen
Helena Mosskov Starcke
Jaweed Agha
Date: 19-21. Jan. 2015
1.1. About KA2
1.2. Vision, Mission and Values2
2.Internal analysis2
2.1.Value Chain2
2.2. Ansoff’s growth strategy3
3.External Analysis3
3.1. PEST (Germany)3
3.2. Competitor analysis5
3.3. Porter’s 5 Forces5
5.1. Supply chain6
5.2. Place6
6.Choice of strategy towards customers7
6.1. Segmentation Analysis (BTC)7
6.2. Target Group7
6.3. Positioning7
6.4. Goal8
7.Marketing Mix8
7.1. Product8
7.2. Price9
7.3. Promotion:9
7.4. People10
7.5. Possession:10
7.6. Physical evidence:10
7.7. Marketing Budget (EUR)10
Question 4 profit and loss budget for 1st year (EUR)11
9.Organization (Question 2)11

1. Introduction
1.1. About KA
KA was founded in 1991. It is a handicraft business manufactured sliding door cabinets. Mr. Kurt Armose founded this company and sold it to DKA in 2007. The product of KA was 100% make-to-order and all the products were unique. According to customer’s needs to design and decoration. Today, KA has been the largest private label supplier of sliding-door cupboards, with approx. 70 employees and customers in the whole of Northern Europe. 1.2. Vision, Mission and Values

Each product of KA was made of carefully selected materials in the highest quality and buy employees who paid great attention to details and assembled by hands. “The vision is to be the largest in northern Europe with in 3-5 years.”1 “Our values are customer focus, innovation, quality, reliability, respect and relation.”2 2. Internal analysis

2.1.Value Chain
Research and Development
“Production” of service and implementation

KA is a service product. It is include physical product and service two parts. In Research and Development part, KA can use questionnaires to know the needs of current customers. There are not total the same between old and current customers. KA needs change a little bit, whether products or marketing strategies, to make the new target customers group like it, expand its market share. In the part of Marketing and Sales: KA emphasize its high efficiency and high quality, it is going to cooperate more closely with the retailers, such as the home building materials chain stores, OBI, Praktiker, BAUHAUS. The most important part, I think is “Production” of service and implementation. The service of KA is another product offered to customers. KA offers thorough servicing. Every product is high quality and has 10-year warranty on function. All of KA’s staff has been trained and have quality-conscious. From design to transport and then install, both them show KA’s professional. KA is Marketing Orientation that more focuses on identifying and meeting the needs of customers. 2.2. Ansoff’s growth strategy

KA wants to sale its products (existing) to a new target group in German market (existing). It should choose Market Penetration growth strategy to increase the product's marketing share. 3. External Analysis

3.1. PEST (Germany)
Germany is located in Central Europe, and it south of Denmark. Political:
“Germany has a robust democratic setup, with administrative powers shared between the executive, judiciary and legislature.”4 Overall, Germany's political stability, international status is higher. Although the domestic problems of corruption, but also actively monitoring efforts, the relationship with France is also increasingly getting better for economic development provides a good condition. Economic: (Question 1)

“GDP per capita, adjusted by PPP (2013 est.): USD 39,610”5(Approximately equal to EUR 31,437) 6
Highly innovative small and medium enterprise development, flexible labor markets,...
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